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  • राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जमशेदपुर
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
  • An Institution of National importance under MHRD, Government of India

Cultural and Dramatics Society

This club represents the total gusto of all the students here. Abbreviated as CDS for the Cultural and Dramatics Society, all the cultural events, competitions, etc. fall under the terrain of this club. The Cultural and Dramatics Society is an agglomeration of various societies of Music, dance, Vocals, Anchoring, Dramatics and Fashion. The club organized its annual event for the induction of freshers into the club in the month of October. The event was a celebration of the talent of the students in various genres of performing arts with successful candidates being absorbed into the clubs for organizing the further events. The main event of CDS is the cultural fest, Culfest

  • Vocals
  • Dance
  • Skit/ nukkad
  • Anchoring
  • Instrumentals
  • Theme modeling
The VOCALS AND INSTRUMENTALS has been an integral part of the "CULTURAL & DRAMATICS SOCIETY" of NIT Jamshedpur, chiefly known as CDS, since the society's genesis. As the name suggests, the club encourages and inspires the talent of singing ( eastern and western) and the art of playing instruments ( harmonium, mouth organ, flute, casio, guitar, drums etc.) The members of this section of CDS have actively participated in many events and won numerous prizes. Participants visited MOOD INDIGO - IIT BOMBAY, ALCHERINGA IIT GUWAHATI. The vocalists and instrumentalists are one of the most enthusiastic sections of CDS and will be found anytime, anywhere starting from 15th August, 26 January to the tech fest OJASS, CULFEST/ UTKARSH or anywhere else.

Induction: Every year new students are inducted into the club from the current 1st year (B.Tech & MCA both) via "CDS Inductions". The vocals and instrumentals induction are carried out in two broad categories. First the panel of judges are formed from the 3rd and 4th year. Under vocals, there are two rounds. At first, participants sing the song of their choice. Then in judge's choice, the type of song given to the singer is in contrast to the song which was sung in the first round. E.g. if the singer sings slow romantic song, then in the next round the preference is given to the fast rock song. So the versatility of the singer is checked. The criterion judged is Sur, Taal , Voice Quality and Potential. In the instrumentals, the participant is advised to play any instrument of his/her choice and the inductions are done accordingly. Society of Theme Modelling: The Invincibles have been the trendsetters of the institute since 2008. Chic, elegant and flamboyant, they are Jamshedpur's oomph quotient. Their romance with the ramp has continued for over 7 years and has taken them as far as IIT Guwahati, XLRI,IIITBhub and the Heritage, Kolkata. Its biggest victory has not been the landslide victory at UTKARSH 2013 but our ever expanding fan following across east India. They won the theme Modelling contest in IIIT Bhubneshwar in 2014. Every year the institute waits with awaited breath as they take to the stage. As the lucky few whom people literally 'look up to', we continue to push the envelope, exhibiting innovative and extraordinary designs to enthral audience. As integral as modelling is to the fashion industry, it is but a shadow of itself without its designers. Ergo, the Invincibles introduce 'Poshak', the stylist's battle to create out-of-the-box , stunning designs and showcase cutting-edge apparel. In this the public speaking of the participant is checked. In the first round the participants are advised to be the anchor of any event / situation of his/her choice whereas in the second round ( the judge's choice) the situation is given by the judges and they have to speak on the spot. The confidence, the quality of person to attract the crowd is checked. The biggest glories of CDS have been brought by Nukkad team time and again.Nukkad in the institute is the modified and modern form of age of tradition of street plays which used to be acted in villages of India. Now, nukkad has evolved as a way of sending a message to the society, not only to the villages but also in urban India. It brings awareness to the people about various topics of the life. Recently, the nukkad team of the institute won the Halla Bol event in IIT Guwahti’s cultural fest, Alcheringa. In the past, it has won in IIMC and participated in Asia’s biggest cultural fest Mood Indigo in IIT Bombay. In Culfest/Utkarsh, different nukkad teams of the institute participate and the number of teams from NIT Jamshedpur itself is more than 10.

Induction: Inductions for nukkad team takes place through CDS Inductions in two rounds. First round checks the voice quality and its loudness. Second round deals with the body language and expressions of the actor. The 3rd and 4th year students are the judges in induction of 1st year students. The world is a stage. The skit team is another important and one of the strongest parts of CDS. The actors of skit has won 3rd prize in Mood Indigo in 2013, IIT Bombay’s cultural fest. The skit team stood 3rd in Alcheringa, IIT Guwahti in 2015. The actors also won 1st and 2nd prize in Alcheringa in 2015. The teams of the institute participate in the culfest/Utkarsh with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Induction:Inductions for skit takes place through CDS Inductions. The dialogue delivery, body language and expressions are checked. The 3rd and 4th year students are the judges in induction of 1st year students. Dance is a hidden language of the soul. Nobody cares if you can't dance well, just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion. We are passionate, we are creative, we are Beat Breakers.

Beat Breakers is the official name of DANCE CLUB of NIT Jamshedpur. It is a part of CDS.

Albert Enstein has once famously said that dancers are the athletes of God. We here at BEAT BREAKERS certainly don't claim to have acquired such stature but our dedication to this beautiful form of art is nothing short of devotion.

The club comprises of members from all four years and we are a regular at all the events or celebrations that happen in an academic year. Be it Republic Day, Alumni Meet, CDS Exhibition or Culfest , we keep the students on their toes quite literally. Not only have we got the folks grooving in NIT JAMSHEDPUR but we are a name to reckon with in other major institutes like IIT MUMBAI, IIT GUWAHATI. Rest we do not believe in words because we communicate with the language of Souls.

  • The mime team won the second place in the Rangmanch event in the Spring Fest'17 held at IIT Kharagpur. Alisha Kumari won the special mention for best acting in the mime.
  • 1st prize in XLRI in 2008 by Fashion Team.
  • 1st prize in TATA STEEL by Fashion Team.
  • 1st prize in Jamshedpur Women's College by Fashion Team.
  • 1st prize in St. Xaviers college, Ranchi by Fashion Team.
  • 2nd prize in The Heritage, Kolkata by Fashion Team.
  • Participated in Alcheringa, IIT guwahati by Fashion team.
  • 1st prize in vocals by K. Rohit in Spring Fest in IIT KHARAGPUR.
  • 1st in Radio Jockey by Danish Kanojia in ALCHERINGA- IIT GUWAHATI.
  • Nukkad Participated in Alcheringa,MOODi,XLRI.
  • Dramatics: 1ST in nukkad @IIMC.
  • Shreerupa and Vaibhav Dubey qualified for the finals in Red FM and Shreerupa secured the 3RD position.
  • Abhishek Kumar, Trisha Bhattacharjee, Devesh pandey - 2rd in Tribal Tryst.
  • Ankit Sharma, Vaibhav Dubey, Priyasha Singh - 3rd in Instant KHichdi.
  • Sanjana semi finalist in MOOD I IDOL.
  • Neha Awasthy 1st in Dance in JWC.
  • In RED FM semi finals: 1st Md OLIUL ISLAM( vocals) , 2nd Ankita srivastav ( dance), 3rd Vaibhav Dubey ( mono acting), 4th SHreerupa ( mono acting) , 5th S. Shyam and 6th Aayushi ( mono acting).
  • Theme Modelling winner, IIIT Bhubneshwar.
  • Nukkad team, Rastranayak won 1st prize in Halla Bol event of Alcheringa’2015
  • Skit team, Udghosh won 3rd prize in Theatrix event of Alcheringa’2015.
  • Aayushi Kumari and Vaibhav Dubey won 1st and 2nd prize respectively in Monoacting event of Alcheringa’ 2015.

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