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  • राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, जमशेदपुर
  • National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur
  • An Institution of National importance under MHRD, Government of India

Students' Council

Students' Council is the highest governing students' body of Students' Activities Section and is responsible for all the Students' Activities taking place in the Institute.

The Students' Council is a representative structure for students ,through which they can become an integral part in governance and administration for all student activities taking place in the institute.

NIT Jamshedpur has an active academic calander with year long activities to engage students in a wide spectrum of fields,be it sports ,cultural activities or technical activities.The council plays an important role in managing all these activities.Students' Council works closely with the institute administration .By working closely with the administration ,the council provides a platform and easy passageway for the issues of the students to reach the corncerned authorities.

The council strives to work in a coordinated manner as a well functioning team.To achieve this,regular meetings to discuss all relevant issues concerning student welfare are conducted .With the inherent belief that that students are natural leaders and will work efficiently keeping in mind the welfare and all around development of students.

Each year a group of fifteen students is selected by the administrative board in consultation with the Director, to constitute the Student Council. It comprises of President (Final Year), Vice President (Third year); General Secretary (Third Year); Joint Secretary (Second Year); PG Representative (PG); 1st Year Representative(First Year). In addition it has also has an Executive Council, with Technical Secretary (Final/Third Year), Joint Technical Secretary (Third/Second Year), Cultural Secretary (Final Year), Joint Cultural Secretary (Third Year), Sports Secretary (Final/Third Year), Joint Sports Secretary (Third/Second Year), Alumni Secretary (Third Year), Joint Alumni Secretary (Second Year) and Club Secretary (Final Year).

OBJECTIVE: A good administration and efficient student council is a part of an able institution. Student Council represents the opinions, ideas and proposals of the students.

  • To provide a link and improve communication between administration, students and parents.
  • To provide a forum for students to voice their opinions on relevant issues.
  • To encourage students to become self-confident, responsible and create a more caring atmosphere.
  • The Council functions to bridge the gap between students and administration, paving way to the healthy relationship between the two, thereby creating a conducive environment for their Academic and extracurricular excellence .
  • The administration is more approachable through the council, and also the demands and problems faced by the students are given a patient ear.
  • To maintain transparency in all types of students activities in the institute.

Present Student Council:
S. No. Name Serves as Contact No. Email
1. Sonal Kumar (2014UGME075) President 9504030431 president.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
2. Bhomesh Joshi (2015UGME065) Vice President 8826065692 vp.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
3. Vinit Kumar (2015UGCS053) General Secretary 9128086712 gensec.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
4. Ashwini Kumar (2016UGMM003) Joint Secretary 9939561377 js.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
5. Aparajita (2014UGEC017) Club Secretary 8298443326 clubsec.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
6. Shubham Kumar Singh (2014UGEE075) Technical Secretary 8404879565 techsec.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
7. Anjali Thakur (2015UGCE005) Joint Technical Secretary 7258885571 jtechsec.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
8. D.Susheel Krishna (2014UGCE025) Cultural Secretary 9470918826 culsec.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
9. Nisha Sinha (2015UGMM018) Joint Cultural Secretary 9155130039 jculsec.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
10. Ankur Raj (2014UGCS018) Sports Secretary 7209044976 sportssec.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
11. Goutam Kumar (2015UGCS019) Joint Sports Secretary 9693190466 jsportssec.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
12. Abhishek Kumar Jha (2015UGEC049) Alumni Secretary 8825300068 alumsec.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
13. Riya Mehta (2016UGEC015) Joint Alumni Secretary 7209772585 jas.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
14. Mayank Sharma (2016PGCACA68) PG Representative 9532702226 pgrep.sc@nitjsr.ac.in
15. Shivam Srivastava (2017UGEE084) 1st Year Representative 7992286959 firstrep.sc@nitjsr.ac.in

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