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  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
  • An Institute of National Importance Established by Government of India
  • राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जमशेदपुर
  • भारत सरकार द्वारा स्थापित राष्ट्रीय महत्व की संस्था

NIT Jamshedpur - Cradle of technical excellence

In compliance of directives of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, the institute has constituted an anti-ragging committee to curb the menace of ragging.These include:

Sr No. Name Email-id Contact No.
1. Prof. Sanjay dean.ia@nitjsr.ac.in 09430738551
2. Prof. D K Yadav dkyadav.ca@nitjsr.ac.in 9931897599
3. Prof. S.N. Singh snsingh.ece@nitjsr.ac.in 7739222532
4. Prof. A.K.L Srivastava aklsriv.ce@nitjsr.ac.in 09470316916
5. Dr. Ashok Kumar akumar.met@nitjsr.ac.in 09470525571
  1. Information to Parents/Guardian: Menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions are required to be curbed under UGC Regulations.,
  2. Surprise-Visit Squad: Consisting of the following faculty members is constituted for curbing the menace of ragging.

    Sr No. Name Contact No.
    1. Prof. Shalendra Kumar 09431347117
    2. Prof. R. N. Mahanty 09431940110
    3. Prof. A. K. Choudhary 08067006054
    4. Prof. Sanjay 09430738551
    5. Prof. M. K. Paswan 09771300840
  3. Monitoring Committee:A monitoring Committee is also entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of the verdict, and functioning of various Anti-ragging committees.
  4. Counselling of freshers and senoirs:A Team Comprising of Dean (SW), Chief warden , Proctor ,Co-ordinator (Training and placement) will coordinate this activity.
  5. Affidavit & undertakings from the students and parent:Each student of the the institute ,his/her parents and each guardian are required to submit an Affidavit (as per the guidelines of the UGC Regulations) and a set of Undertakings (as per the directives of supreme court of India) to prevent and control ragging.
  6. Complaint boxes:Complaint Boxes in all hostels in general and hostels C & D in particular are kept for reporting the incidence of ragging, if any.These boxes are also installed at two places in the institute building,Library & Computer Centre. Dean(SA) will ensure that the complaint boxes are also kept in the hostels where 1st year students are accommodated.
  7. Information to Local Administration & Police station: The Local administration and the police station of the area(RIT police station)have been informed and requested to keep constant vigil/patrol around first year hostels particularly to prevent any untoward incidence/ragging. The Local administration have been requested to intensify the regular patrolling in the NIT campus area in view of the presence of new students and disturbance caused by the local elements. This is all the more necessary due to fact that the institute does not have boundary wall and the security agency is beyond control of the institute Administration.

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