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Factors listed by the Committee

The Factors listed by the Committee are outlined below:

  1. Primary responsibility for curbing ragging rests with academic institutions themselves.
  2. Incentives should be available to institutions for curbing the menace and there should be disincentives for failure to do so.
  3. Enrolment in academic pursuits or a campus life should not immunize any adult citizen from penal provisions of the laws of the land.
  4. Ragging needs to be perceived as failure to inculcate human values from the schooling stage.
  5. Behavioural patterns among students, particularly potential 'raggers', need to be identified.
  6. Measures against ragging must deter its recurrence.
  7. Concerted action is required at the level of the school, higher educational institution, district administration, university, State and Central Governments to make any curb effective.
  8. Media and the Civil Society should be involved in this exercise.

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