Past Students

Ph.D Thesis Supervised (Total-13 : Completed-11, Progress-2)

  1. B.P.Patel (2005), "Thermal Buckling and Postbuckling Characteristics of Composite Laminated Shells "(Co-Supervisor: Prof. Y .Nath)
  2. Ramesh Pandey (2008), "Some Studies on Nonlinear Analysis of Laminated Composite Rectangular Plates" (Co-Supervsor: Prof. Anuj Jain)
  3. Dinesh Bhatia (2011), "Some Studies on Biomechanical Aspects of Human Leg" (Co-Supervisor: Dr. R.P.Tewari)
  4. R.K.Srivastava (2012), "Study of Rigid Pavements for Village Roads in Alluvial Regions" (CoSupervisor: Prof. S.K.Duggal).
  5. Jeeoot Singh (2012), "Some Studies on Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Rectangular Plates using RBF based Meshfree Method" (Co-supervisor: Prof. T.Nath).
  6. Ashutosh Upadhyay (2013) "Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis of Skew Plates".
  7. Syed Tabin Rushad (2013), "Some studies on the strengthening of the R.C.C. beams", (Cosupervisor: Prof. S.K.Duggal)
  8. T. Ramesh (2014), "Life Cycle Energy Analysis of Residential Buildings" (Co-Supervisor: Dr. Ravi Prakash)
  9. Ashok Jain (2014), "Some Studies on the Warehousing Structures using Prefabricated Ferrocement Folded Plates".
  10. Kishore Guru (2017), "Modeling and Simulation Studies of CNT reinforced Nanocomposites: A Hybrid Approach" (Co-Supervisor: Dr. S.B.Mishra)
  11. Hemant K Singh (2017), "Some Studies on Energy Saving through Building Insulation" (CoSupervisor: Prof. Ravi Prakash)

Under Progress
  1. Tushar Sharma, "Nonlinear Analysis of Tapered Beam", (Co-Supervisor: Dr. V.Murari).
  2. Rajendra Bahadur, "Analysis of Spherical Shells on skew Planform", (Co-Supervisor: Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyay)