Research and Consultancy

  1. Research Scholar, Applied Mechanics Department, I.I.T. Delhi, India, July 1997 - Sept. 2000
  2. Visiting Research Fellow, Mechanical and Computer Aided Engineering Department, Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan, Nov. 2002- March 2003, June 2004.
  3. Industrial Projects/ Consultancy
    • Structural design of India gate at Sonauli, Gorakhpur (India- Nepal Border), UPPWD Gorakhpur, 1994, 0.40 lacs.
    • Structural Design Evaluation of the Agricultural Engineering College, Etawaha, UP, UPRNN, 199495, 1.60 lacs
    • Structural Design of Curved Beams of Girls Polytechnic Amethi & Sultanpur, UPPWD, 1996, 0.40 lacs.
    • Structural Design Evaluation of Overhead Water tank and Buildings at MNREC, Allahabad, 1995. 2.0 lacs
    • Structural Design of Foundation of Wind Tunnel at MNREC Allahabad.
    • Design of Minor Bridge at Pratapgarh, UPRNN, 2003, 0.60 lacs.
    • Design evaluation of Hospital Building at MLN Medical Allahabd, 2003. 0.50 lacs
    • Stability Checking of retaining walls, Oriental structures Ltd. 2007, 0.25 lacs
    • Design of Culverts, 2007, 0.25 lacs.Design of lifting bolts, 2007, 0.10 lacs
    • Survey work of ADA Allahabad, 2007, 4.5 lacs
    • Design of Extension of bridge culvert, Oriental structures, 2008, 0.25 lacs
    • Design of sump well, Up Jal Nigam, 2008, 0.26 lacs.
    • Design checking of number water tanks, 2008, 0.25 lacs
    • Design of 4 storied building, ADA Allahabad, 2008. 0.50 lacs
    • Design of 4 storied building, ADA Allahabad, 2010. 0.50 lacs
    • A number of testing consultancies related to steel testing and others.(2004-8) 2.5 lacs.
    • Design Checking of different shops of Indian Railway sponsored by L&T Ltd (2012)-2.5 lacs
    • Evaluation of Flood Protection Scheme in Uttarakhand (2011-12)- 2.0 lacs
    • Proof Checking of Design and Drawings of ROB at Rly Km 1409/8-9 on Kanpur(2012)- Rs. 0.68 lacs
    • Supervision of Civil construction works at the MNNIT Allahabad for the period 1994-95, 2003-2009
    • Third Party Inspection of Civil Works carried out by UP Roadways for the Mahakumbh 2013
    • Proof Checking of Design and Drawings of 4 ROBs (2014)- Rs. 2.50 lacs ? DST-FIST project for Applied Mechanics Department, MNNIT Allahabad, Rs. 130 lacs (Prepared & presented before the committee on behalf of the deptt.)
    • Proof Checking of Design and Drawings of 4 ROB at ch. 94+050 (2015)- Rs. 0.50 lacs
  4. Sponsored Research Projects
    • Title: Design Simulation, Modeling and Mechanical Properties Characterization of Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) Composites (completed) Funding Agency:Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL) a Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India. Fund allotment: Rs. 127 lacs(Co-PI: Dr. S.B.Mishra, MED)
    • Title: "Characterization, Modelling and Analysis of Nano flake and Nano-sheet Graphite Nanocomposites" Funding Agency: Joint Research funding under Indo-Taiwan S&T Programme Fund allotment: funding of 2 visits from each side. Period: March 2009-2012