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  • राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जमशेदपुर
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
  • An Institution of National importance under MHRD, Government of India

Civil Works Committee

A Civil Works Committee is reconstituted as below suppressing all other earlier communications/notifications in this regard: :

Dean(Planning and Development) Chairman
Associate Dean (Planning and Development) Member
Mr.Birendra Kumar,PI, Civil Works (Projects and Project Management) Member
Dr. B.K.Prasad,PI,Civil Works (Testing and quality Control) Member
Directors nominee:
(a)Prof.A.M.Tigga (Administration and Faculty Welfare) Member
(b)Dr.B.K.Prasad, Head, Depart of Civil Engineering Member
(c)Dr.Abdhesh Kumar Sinha,PI (Water works) Member
Project Consultant:
(a)Shri Sambhu Nath Pandey Project Consultant (Electrical and Works)
Project Engineer:
(a)Shri Ajay Kumar Project Engineer (Civil Works)
(b)Shri Sachidanand Singh Project Engineer (Civil Works)
(c)Shri Pawan Kr. Pandey Project Engineer (Civil Works)
  • Assessing the utility of a civil project and fixing the specifications (including brands of components ), if and when required by Dean (P&D)/Director.
  • Examining tender documents on day of opening, negotiating and finalizing the rates and recommending the award of work.
  • Keeping an eye on progress of work in various projects and advising (on own initiative) Dean (P&D)/director on any steps to be taken to ensure superior quality and timely completion of work.
  • Assisting Dean (P&D)/Director ,when requested, in handling special situations such as major change in specifications during execution of a project,examining possible changes in contract,fixing rates for extra items levying penalty for poor work or slow progress etc.
  • Updating "Registered Contractors" list from time to time ,covering addition of new names,deletion of poor performers and change of category.
  • Working out schedule of rates and rate contracts for maintenance and minor civil works.
  • To serve as purchase committee for procurement of stores for estate (civil) and to award contracts.

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