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  • राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जमशेदपुर
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
  • An Institution of National importance under MHRD, Government of India

Student from department of PROD
Name Roll Number Email Branch Batch Course
ABHISHEK KUMAR 2013PGPIIM001 2013PGPIIM001@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
AMIT RANJAN 2013PGPIIM002 2013PGPIIM002@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
AMIT SINGH 2013PGPIIM003 2013PGPIIM003@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
ARUN LAMBA 2013PGPIIM004 2013PGPIIM004@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
HEMKANT GUPTA 2013PGPIIM006 2013PGPIIM006@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
PIYUSH JAISWAL 2013PGPIIM007 2013PGPIIM007@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
SHASHI KANT TRIPATHI 2013PGPIIM009 2013PGPIIM009@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
SUBHASH KUMAR 2013PGPIIM010 2013PGPIIM010@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
SURYA PRAKASH 2013PGPIIM012 2013PGPIIM012@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
SWETA CHOUDHARY 2013PGPIIM013 2013PGPIIM013@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
TARUN KUMAR SUMAN 2013PGPIIM014 2013PGPIIM014@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
VIKRANT KUMAR 2013PGPIIM015 2013PGPIIM015@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 PG
SHRUTI KUMARI 2014UGPI035 2014UGPI035@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
BODEBOINA BHANUPRIYA 2014UGPI036 2014UGPI036@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
ABHIJEET KISHORE 2014UGPI045 2014UGPI045@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
PRIYANSHU JAISWAL 2014UGPI037 2014UGPI037@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
RAHUL KUMAR 2014UGPI038 2014UGPI038@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
GOVIND KUMAR 2014UGPI039 2014UGPI039@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
PAPISHETTY MANICHAND 2014UGPI040 2014UGPI040@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
MANISH KUMAR GUPTA 2014UGPI041 2014UGPI041@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
VIVEK BANERJEE 2014UGPI042 2014UGPI042@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
GUNTURU AKHIL GUPTA 2014UGPI044 2014UGPI044@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
FIROJ KHAN 2014UGPI043 2014UGPI043@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
ANKET GHOSH 2014UGPI033 2014UGPI033@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
RASHMI KUMARI 2014UGPI034 2014UGPI034@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
SONU KUMAR 2014UGPI032 2014UGPI032@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
NAVEEN GWALIA 2014UGPI016 2014UGPI016@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
SUJEET GUPTA 2014UGPI027 2014UGPI027@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
BRAJESH KUMAR 2014UGPI009 2014UGPI009@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
SUDHANSHU RANJAN 2014UGPI026 2014UGPI026@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
RAMANUJ MISHRA 2014UGPI021 2014UGPI021@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
VIKASH KUMAR RAJAK 2014UGPI029 2014UGPI029@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
BISHNU MINJ 2014UGPI008 2014UGPI008@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
NAJIYA FATMA 2014UGPI014 2014UGPI014@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
AKANKSHA SINHA 2014UGPI002 2014UGPI002@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
HARI SINGH 2014UGPI010 2014UGPI010@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
ATUL KUMAR 2014UGPI007 2014UGPI007@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
KANUPRIYA KHANDWAL 2014UGPI012 2014UGPI012@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
SHALINI GUPTA 2014UGPI024 2014UGPI024@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
ANURAG BHARTI 2014UGPI005 2014UGPI005@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
RAVI KUMAR 2014UGPI022 2014UGPI022@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
MOHAN SINGH 2014UGPI013 2014UGPI013@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
RAGHAV ARORA 2014UGPI020 2014UGPI020@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
NIKKI SINGH 2014UGPI018 2014UGPI018@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
SUSHIL KUMAR RAJWAR 2014UGPI028 2014UGPI028@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
AMIT KUMAR SINGH 2014UGPI004 2014UGPI004@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
ARVIND KUMAR 2014UGPI006 2014UGPI006@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
KANDADAI SESHA SAI ABHINAV KAUSHAL 2014UGPI011 2014UGPI011@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
ROHIT AGRAWAL 2014UGPI023 2014UGPI023@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
AMIT KUMAR RAI 2014UGPI003 2014UGPI003@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
SHUBHAM TIWARI 2014UGPI025 2014UGPI025@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
NAMEERA NAZZ 2014UGPI015 2014UGPI015@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
Y SRIMANTH 2014UGPI031 2014UGPI031@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
NIPSA 2014UGPI019 2014UGPI019@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
NEETIKA SHARMA 2014UGPI017 2014UGPI017@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
AJIT KUMAR GUPTA 2014UGPI001 2014UGPI001@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2014 UG
SHOBHIT SHUBHAM 2013UGPI001 2013UGPI001@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
CHANDAN KUMAR 2013UGPI002 2013UGPI002@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ABHISHEK KUMAR 2013UGPI003 2013UGPI003@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
AKASH ARNAV 2013UGPI004 2013UGPI004@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
SANJEEV HESSA 2013UGPI005 2013UGPI005@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
MILIND MUKUND 2013UGPI006 2013UGPI006@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
PRASHANT KISHOR 2013UGPI007 2013UGPI007@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
DUKHIYA BASKEY 2013UGPI008 2013UGPI008@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
SHASHI KANT 2013UGPI010 2013UGPI010@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ANIL DAS 2013UGPI011 2013UGPI011@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ROHIT KUMAR 2013UGPI012 2013UGPI012@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR 2013UGPI013 2013UGPI013@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ZEBA PERWIN 2013UGPI014 2013UGPI014@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
MUNGHATE BHANUDAS 2013UGPI015 2013UGPI015@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
DODDI KARTHIK 2013UGPI016 2013UGPI016@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ABHIJEET YADAV 2013UGPI017 2013UGPI017@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
SUBHAM NANDI 2013UGPI018 2013UGPI018@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
RAHUL YADAV 2013UGPI019 2013UGPI019@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
SHUBHENDU MISHRA 2013UGPI020 2013UGPI020@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ABHISHEK SINGH 2013UGPI021 2013UGPI021@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
MUKUL KAUSHIK 2013UGPI022 2013UGPI022@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
SHYAM LAL 2013UGPI023 2013UGPI023@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
KUKATLA RAGHU 2013UGPI024 2013UGPI024@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
POCHU BHARATH 2013UGPI025 2013UGPI025@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
CHAITANYA GUNNAM 2013UGPI026 2013UGPI026@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ADDAGARLA SURAJ 2013UGPI027 2013UGPI027@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
MANAS CHATTERJEE 2013UGPI028 2013UGPI028@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
VIVEK SHARMA 2013UGPI029 2013UGPI029@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
PRATEEK AGRAWAL 2013UGPI030 2013UGPI030@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
RAVI SHANKAR 2013UGPI031 2013UGPI031@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
HIMANSHU SHARMA 2013UGPI032 2013UGPI032@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
RAJA VARSHNEY 2013UGPI033 2013UGPI033@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
NITIN SETHI 2013UGPI034 2013UGPI034@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
SUSHI 2013UGPI035 2013UGPI035@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
AMIT GOPALKA 2013UGPI036 2013UGPI036@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
SUNIL CHOUDHARY 2013UGPI037 2013UGPI037@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ANAND KUMAR 2013UGPI038 2013UGPI038@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ANURAG SHARMA 2013UGPI039 2013UGPI039@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
ANAND MOHAN 2013UGPI040 2013UGPI040@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
NIRAJ MURMU 2013UGPI041 2013UGPI041@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
AVINASH KUMAR 2013UGPI042 2013UGPI042@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
VISHAL KUMAR 2013UGPI043 2013UGPI043@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2013 UG
NEHA KUMARI 2015UGPI001 2015UGPI001@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ANINDITA PAL 2015UGPI002 2015UGPI002@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
AVINASH KUMAR 2015UGPI003 2015UGPI003@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
VIVEK KUMAR SHARMA 2015UGPI004 2015UGPI004@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
RAVI KANT KUMAR 2015UGPI005 2015UGPI005@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
SUMIT KUMAR 2015UGPI006 2015UGPI006@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ANMOL KUMAR SINGH 2015UGPI007 2015UGPI007@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ABHAYA NAND 2015UGPI008 2015UGPI008@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ANAND KUMAR PASWAN 2015UGPI009 2015UGPI009@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
VINIT VAIBHAV 2015UGPI010 2015UGPI010@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ADITI KANDULNA 2015UGPI011 2015UGPI011@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
RAMTEKE SONALI KRISHNAMURTI 2015UGPI012 2015UGPI012@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
SWAPNIL SIDDHARTHA 2015UGPI013 2015UGPI013@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
NISHANT KUMAR 2015UGPI014 2015UGPI014@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
PUSHPESH RANJAN PUSHP 2015UGPI015 2015UGPI015@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
VISHAL KUMAR 2015UGPI016 2015UGPI016@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
CHITTIBOMMA TEJA VENKATA SAI 2015UGPI017 2015UGPI017@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
YUGESH KUMAR DAS 2015UGPI018 2015UGPI018@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
SHASANK LEERA 2015UGPI019 2015UGPI019@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
KOMAL KUMARI 2015UGPI020 2015UGPI020@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ANURAG PRIYADARSHI 2015UGPI021 2015UGPI021@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
HARISH SHANMUGAM 2015UGPI022 2015UGPI022@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
SHIVAM 2015UGPI023 2015UGPI023@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
DHARMENDRA GUPTA 2015UGPI024 2015UGPI024@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR CHOUBEY 2015UGPI025 2015UGPI025@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ARENDALA UTTEJ 2015UGPI026 2015UGPI026@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
KASTURI VINEEL CHANDRA 2015UGPI027 2015UGPI027@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
NISHANT RANJAN 2015UGPI028 2015UGPI028@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
RAVIKANT PANDEY 2015UGPI029 2015UGPI029@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
PRASOON KUMAR PARIHAR 2015UGPI030 2015UGPI030@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
BHARTI KUMARI 2015UGPI031 2015UGPI031@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
AMIT KUMAR 2015UGPI032 2015UGPI032@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
KAUSHAL KISHOR 2015UGPI033 2015UGPI033@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ARIZ MASOOD 2015UGPI034 2015UGPI034@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
GAUTAM KUMAR CHAUDHARY 2015UGPI035 2015UGPI035@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ABHISHEK KUMAR 2015UGPI036 2015UGPI036@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
NAVIN NISHANT 2015UGPI037 2015UGPI037@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
SUMIT KUMAR SOY 2015UGPI038 2015UGPI038@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
AKHILESH KUMAR 2015UGPI039 2015UGPI039@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ABHISHEK KUMAR 2015UGPI040 2015UGPI040@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
NIDHI CHIRANIA 2015UGPI041 2015UGPI041@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
NIKHIL KUMAR 2015UGPI042 2015UGPI042@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG
ARUNISH KUMAR 2015UGPI043 2015UGPI043@nitjsr.ac.in Prod 2015 UG

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