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  • राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जमशेदपुर
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
  • An Institution of National importance under MHRD, Government of India

Student from department of MCA
Name Roll Number Email Branch Batch Course
ANKIT GARG 2013PGMCA013 2013PGMCA013@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ASHWANI PRATAP 2013PGMCA016 2013PGMCA016@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
JAGRITI BANSAL 2013PGMCA022 2013PGMCA022@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
Motilal Das 2013PGMCA030 2013PGMCA030@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SHUCHI RANA 2013PGMCA058 2013PGMCA058@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
YAJURVED LODHI 2013PGMCA075 2013PGMCA075@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
LAXMI GUPTA 2013PGMCA076 2013PGMCA076@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SIDDHI SHREE 2013PGMCA077 2013PGMCA077@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SWAROOP DHAR 2013PGMCA079 2013PGMCA079@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SHOBHIT MISHRA 2013PGMCA080 2013PGMCA080@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PATHIKRIT BANERJEE 2013PGMCA085 2013PGMCA085@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
RAMRATAN KUMAR 2013PGMCA088 2013PGMCA088@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
TAHSINUR RAHMAN 2013PGMCA094 2013PGMCA094@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ADITYA TYAGI 2013PGMCA005 2013PGMCA005@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
AKALABYA SINGH 2013PGMCA007 2013PGMCA007@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
AMAN JOSHI 2013PGMCA008 2013PGMCA008@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ANKIT KUMAR 2013PGMCA014 2013PGMCA014@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
CHARU MALIK 2013PGMCA017 2013PGMCA017@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
DHIRENDRA PRATAP 2013PGMCA018 2013PGMCA018@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
GAURAV SINGH 2013PGMCA020 2013PGMCA020@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
KOTNI JHANSI DIVYA 2013PGMCA023 2013PGMCA023@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
MADHURI UPADHYAY 2013PGMCA026 2013PGMCA026@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
MAHIMA 2013PGMCA027 2013PGMCA027@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
MANISH CHANDRA 2013PGMCA028 2013PGMCA028@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
MANISHA UPADHYAY 2013PGMCA029 2013PGMCA029@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
MUKUL GUPTA 2013PGMCA031 2013PGMCA031@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
NIKET TIWARI 2013PGMCA034 2013PGMCA034@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
NITESH MISHRA 2013PGMCA035 2013PGMCA035@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PARAS BHASIN 2013PGMCA037 2013PGMCA037@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PRACHI GUPTA 2013PGMCA040 2013PGMCA040@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PRASHANT MISHRA 2013PGMCA043 2013PGMCA043@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PRATICK SHARMA 2013PGMCA044 2013PGMCA044@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PRIYANKA KUMARI 2013PGMCA046 2013PGMCA046@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
RISHABH SHUKLA 2013PGMCA053 2013PGMCA053@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SANTOSH KUMAR 2013PGMCA054 2013PGMCA054@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SHIKHA MITTAL 2013PGMCA057 2013PGMCA057@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SOMNATH MUKHERJEE 2013PGMCA061 2013PGMCA061@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SUMIT KUMAR 2013PGMCA064 2013PGMCA064@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SURBHI JAIN 2013PGMCA065 2013PGMCA065@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
TUSHAR BISHT 2013PGMCA070 2013PGMCA070@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
UTKARSH MITTAL 2013PGMCA071 2013PGMCA071@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
VIRENDRA SINGH 2013PGMCA074 2013PGMCA074@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SWETA KUMARI 2013PGMCA078 2013PGMCA078@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
AJITESH PANDEY 2013PGMCA081 2013PGMCA081@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
KUMAR HARSHA 2013PGMCA089 2013PGMCA089@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
AARTI SINGH 2013PGMCA001 2013PGMCA001@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ABHISHEK GAURAV 2013PGMCA004 2013PGMCA004@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
AJEET KUMAR 2013PGMCA006 2013PGMCA006@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ANAND KUMAR 2013PGMCA010 2013PGMCA010@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ANISH KUMAR ANAND 2013PGMCA011 2013PGMCA011@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ANSHU PAL 2013PGMCA015 2013PGMCA015@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
EMDADUL HAQUE 2013PGMCA019 2013PGMCA019@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PANKAJ KUMAR SONI 2013PGMCA036 2013PGMCA036@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PRAGYA SAHU 2013PGMCA041 2013PGMCA041@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PRASHANT KUMAR JAISWAL 2013PGMCA042 2013PGMCA042@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PREETI DEVI 2013PGMCA045 2013PGMCA045@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
RANJEET SINGH SAINI 2013PGMCA049 2013PGMCA049@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
RIDDHI SHREE 2013PGMCA050 2013PGMCA050@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
RIJEESH V.P 2013PGMCA051 2013PGMCA051@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
RISHABH GUPTA 2013PGMCA052 2013PGMCA052@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
Sarvare Alam 2013PGMCA055 2013PGMCA055@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SATYAM SONI 2013PGMCA056 2013PGMCA056@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SHYAM SUNDAR 2013PGMCA059 2013PGMCA059@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
VIKASH VIMAL 2013PGMCA072 2013PGMCA072@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ATUL MAURAY 2013PGMCA082 2013PGMCA082@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
NIRAJ KUMAR 2013PGMCA084 2013PGMCA084@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SHAMBHU KUMAR 2013PGMCA086 2013PGMCA086@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
RANVIJAY KUMAR 2013PGMCA087 2013PGMCA087@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
abhishek bharti 2013PGMCA003 2013PGMCA003@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
HARENDRA KUMAR 2013PGMCA021 2013PGMCA021@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
KRISHNA MOHAN RAM 2013PGMCA024 2013PGMCA024@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
Madhu Kumari 2013PGMCA025 2013PGMCA025@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
NARENDER ARYA 2013PGMCA033 2013PGMCA033@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PAVAN KUMAR 2013PGMCA038 2013PGMCA038@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
RAJDEEP KUMAR 2013PGMCA048 2013PGMCA048@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SUBHADIP LAYEK 2013PGMCA062 2013PGMCA062@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SUDHIR KUMAR 2013PGMCA063 2013PGMCA063@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
VINAY KUMAR 2013PGMCA073 2013PGMCA073@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ASHISH PASWAN 2013PGMCA091 2013PGMCA091@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PRASHANT KUMAR 2013PGMCA092 2013PGMCA092@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
AMRITA PURTY 2013PGMCA009 2013PGMCA009@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PAWAN MUNDA 2013PGMCA039 2013PGMCA039@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
PROMILA MINZ 2013PGMCA047 2013PGMCA047@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SOBHAGI MURMU 2013PGMCA060 2013PGMCA060@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SURENDER TUDU 2013PGMCA066 2013PGMCA066@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SURESH TUDU 2013PGMCA068 2013PGMCA068@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SUNIL KACHHAP 2013PGMCA090 2013PGMCA090@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ABHIMANYU KUMAR 2013PGMCA002 2013PGMCA002@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ANKET KUMAR JAIN 2013PGMCA012 2013PGMCA012@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
Namit Awasthi 2013PGMCA032 2013PGMCA032@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SURESH SAHU 2013PGMCA067 2013PGMCA067@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SWARNA SHRUTI 2013PGMCA069 2013PGMCA069@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
SATYA PRAKASH 2013PGMCA083 2013PGMCA083@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
GOPAL KUMAR 2013PGMCA093 2013PGMCA093@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2013 PG
ARTI GUPTA 2014PGMCA055 2014PGMCA055@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
PRATEEK JAIN 2014PGMCA030 2014PGMCA030@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SAURABH SAINI 2014PGMCA072 2014PGMCA072@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
PIYUSH DEOGAM 2014PGMCA076 2014PGMCA076@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
RAJNEESH GUPTA 2014PGMCA081 2014PGMCA081@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
LISHA KUMARI 2014PGMCA082 2014PGMCA082@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SAGNIK AMBALY 2014PGMCA083 2014PGMCA083@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ASIT KUMAR BHAKAT 2014PGMCA084 2014PGMCA084@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
DAVURI ASHOK KUMAR 2014PGMCA086 2014PGMCA086@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
GAURAV KUMAR SRIVASTAVA 2014PGMCA087 2014PGMCA087@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SAURAV KUMAR YADAV 2014PGMCA077 2014PGMCA077@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
TAPESHWAR KUMAR PASWAN 2014PGMCA078 2014PGMCA078@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
TANZEEL MIRZA 2014PGMCA079 2014PGMCA079@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
MADHVI 2014PGMCA085 2014PGMCA085@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ROOPAM SHARMA 2014PGMCA088 2014PGMCA088@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
PREETI KUMARI 2014PGMCA089 2014PGMCA089@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
DEEPIKA TYAGI 2014PGMCA090 2014PGMCA090@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ANIL KUMAR SINGH 2014PGMCA091 2014PGMCA091@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SUDHIR KUMAR 2014PGMCA037 2014PGMCA037@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SONAL KUMAR 2014PGMCA062 2014PGMCA062@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
AMAN KHULLAR 2014PGMCA063 2014PGMCA063@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
NITIN SHARMA 2014PGMCA066 2014PGMCA066@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
VISAKH VIJAYAN 2014PGMCA067 2014PGMCA067@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
NEHA KIRAN 2014PGMCA068 2014PGMCA068@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SHAMEEM AHEMAD 2014PGMCA071 2014PGMCA071@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
PIYUSH KUMAR JAIN 2014PGMCA073 2014PGMCA073@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
PRASHANT BANGILWAR 2014PGMCA074 2014PGMCA074@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
RAVI KUMAR 2014PGMCA028 2014PGMCA028@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
DHIRAJ KUMAR MISHRA 2014PGMCA046 2014PGMCA046@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SHIKSHA KUMARI 2014PGMCA051 2014PGMCA051@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
AMIT TIWARI 2014PGMCA039 2014PGMCA039@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
RAHUL KUMAR 2014PGMCA035 2014PGMCA035@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
VIDYA LAXMI 2014PGMCA031 2014PGMCA031@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
RAMJILAL MANJHI 2014PGMCA043 2014PGMCA043@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SUMIT KAPOOR 2014PGMCA052 2014PGMCA052@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
VIKASH KUMAR VERMA 2014PGMCA056 2014PGMCA056@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
GOURANGO BISWAS 2014PGMCA058 2014PGMCA058@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ANOOP JAISWAL 2014PGMCA027 2014PGMCA027@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
DIN DAYAL KUMAR 2014PGMCA044 2014PGMCA044@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
VIVEK RANJAN GUPTA 2014PGMCA006 2014PGMCA006@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
BIKASH KAUSHIK 2014PGMCA018 2014PGMCA018@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
PRIYANSHU PRAJAPATI 2014PGMCA019 2014PGMCA019@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SARFARAZ HUSAIN 2014PGMCA020 2014PGMCA020@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
DEEPANSHU SRIVASTAVA 2014PGMCA021 2014PGMCA021@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
AKBAR ALI 2014PGMCA023 2014PGMCA023@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
MANISH KUMAR MISHRA 2014PGMCA033 2014PGMCA033@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SUPRIYA KUMARI 2014PGMCA045 2014PGMCA045@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
RAVI KUMAR 2014PGMCA016 2014PGMCA016@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ABHIJEET KAUSHIK 2014PGMCA017 2014PGMCA017@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ANIL KUMAR MARDI 2014PGMCA047 2014PGMCA047@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
AJAY KUMAR THAKUR 2014PGMCA048 2014PGMCA048@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SANGEETA BARI 2014PGMCA049 2014PGMCA049@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
PIYUSH MUDGAL 2014PGMCA050 2014PGMCA050@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
RAKESH KUMAR 2014PGMCA041 2014PGMCA041@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
PRANOY MISHRA 2014PGMCA040 2014PGMCA040@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
Ishwar Kumar Singh 2014PGMCA001 2014PGMCA001@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SABYASACHEE DASH 2014PGMCA007 2014PGMCA007@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
AMRITA SINGH 2014PGMCA013 2014PGMCA013@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
VINAYAK JOSHI 2014PGMCA060 2014PGMCA060@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SONAL BHADANI 2014PGMCA061 2014PGMCA061@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ABHISHEK NAGPAL 2014PGMCA069 2014PGMCA069@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ASHISH KUMAR BARNWAL 2014PGMCA070 2014PGMCA070@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
DEEPALI SINGH 2014PGMCA054 2014PGMCA054@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
JITENDRA KUMAR 2014PGMCA026 2014PGMCA026@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SHYAM SUNDER MEENA 2014PGMCA029 2014PGMCA029@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
VIVEK SINGH 2014PGMCA034 2014PGMCA034@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
Abhishek Kumar Thakur 2014PGMCA024 2014PGMCA024@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
GOKUL UDAIWAL 2014PGMCA025 2014PGMCA025@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ANIL KUMAR 2014PGMCA002 2014PGMCA002@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
ARPIT TRIPATHI 2014PGMCA014 2014PGMCA014@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SHUBHAM JAIN 2014PGMCA032 2014PGMCA032@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
MANIKANT KUMAR SINGH 2014PGMCA042 2014PGMCA042@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SANJEEV KUMAR RAJAK 2014PGMCA064 2014PGMCA064@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
RAJEEV KUMAR RAJAK 2014PGMCA065 2014PGMCA065@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
AMAN KUMAR 2014PGMCA009 2014PGMCA009@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SUDHANSHU SHUKLA 2014PGMCA011 2014PGMCA011@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
JASLEEN KAUR 2014PGMCA012 2014PGMCA012@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
KUMAR RATNAM 2014PGMCA008 2014PGMCA008@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
JOSEPH BASKEY 2014PGMCA010 2014PGMCA010@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
BISWAJEET CHATTERJEE 2014PGMCA038 2014PGMCA038@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SUSIL KUMAR BARIK 2014PGMCA004 2014PGMCA004@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
LOKESH GUPTA 2014PGMCA015 2014PGMCA015@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
SUMIT KUMAR 2014PGMCA036 2014PGMCA036@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG
RAHUL KUMAR 2014PGMCA005 2014PGMCA005@nitjsr.ac.in MCA 2014 PG

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