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  • राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जमशेदपुर
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
  • An Institution of National importance under MHRD, Government of India

Student from department of EEE
Name Roll Number Email Branch Batch Course
ABHISHEK KUMAR 2013UGEE0004 2013UGEE0004@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
KSHITIZ GUPTA 2013UGEE0006 2013UGEE0006@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
PRIYA RANI 2013UGEE0008 2013UGEE0008@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SOURABH SHARMA 2013UGEE0012 2013UGEE0012@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ARUNDHATI BHAGAT 2013UGEE0014 2013UGEE0014@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
RAHUL RANJAN 2013UGEE0015 2013UGEE0015@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SAKET SHRIVASTAVA 2013UGEE029 2013UGEE029@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
MANISH KUMAR 2013UGEE030 2013UGEE030@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
MAJAZ AHMAD 2013UGEE032 2013UGEE032@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ALANKAR KUMAR 2013UGEE035 2013UGEE035@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
JYOTI JHA 2013UGEE037 2013UGEE037@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SINCHITA MAITY 2013UGEE038 2013UGEE038@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SAURABH JAISWAL 2013UGEE040 2013UGEE040@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SHRITI PRIYA 2013UGEE043 2013UGEE043@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
VISHAL RAJ 2013UGEE046 2013UGEE046@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
MAYANK KUMAR 2013UGEE047 2013UGEE047@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ABHISHEK SINGH 2013UGEE048 2013UGEE048@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
RITESH KUMAR 2013UGEE049 2013UGEE049@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
RAJESH KUMAR 2013UGEE051 2013UGEE051@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
AYUSH CHAUHAN 2013UGEE052 2013UGEE052@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
RAHUL KUMAR PANDEY 2013UGEE054 2013UGEE054@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
KODALI VISESH 2013UGEE055 2013UGEE055@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SIVA RAVI TEJA TEMPALLI 2013UGEE056 2013UGEE056@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
KURRU HARSHA VARDHANA 2013UGEE057 2013UGEE057@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
MANDAPATI NAGA SAI ASHA REDDY 2013UGEE058 2013UGEE058@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ASHUTOSH SRIVASTAV 2013UGEE059 2013UGEE059@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
KUMARI RIYA 2013UGEE060 2013UGEE060@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
MERUVA MOHAN KRISHNA 2013UGEE061 2013UGEE061@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SHASHIKANT RAI 2013UGEE063 2013UGEE063@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
AKHIL KUMAR JHA 2013UGEE068 2013UGEE068@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
NANNEPAGA SHEENA 2013UGEE070 2013UGEE070@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
RAJAN TIWARI 2013UGEE073 2013UGEE073@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ASTHA ARORA 2013UGEE074 2013UGEE074@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SUNKISHALA CHAITANYA 2013UGEE076 2013UGEE076@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SUJAY KALHANS 2013UGEE077 2013UGEE077@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ANKIT TANMAY 2013UGEE078 2013UGEE078@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
GADARI MAHESH 2013UGEE079 2013UGEE079@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SRIRAMAKAVACHAM SRI HARSHA 2013UGEE080 2013UGEE080@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
KOTHARI RAJ SANDEEP 2013UGEE082 2013UGEE082@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
AMIR KHAN 2013UGEE083 2013UGEE083@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
RAVI RAJ 2013UGEE086 2013UGEE086@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SACHIN 2013UGEE087 2013UGEE087@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
RAKESH KUMAR JAISWAL 2013UGEE0001 2013UGEE0001@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
REENA KUMARI 2013UGEE0005 2013UGEE0005@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
RAHUL GUPTA 2013UGEE0009 2013UGEE0009@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ABHISHEK KUMAR SAURABH 2013UGEE0010 2013UGEE0010@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ROHIT KUMAR 2013UGEE0013 2013UGEE0013@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
CHHOTELAL KUMAR 2013UGEE0017 2013UGEE0017@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
VINAY KUMAR 2013UGEE0018 2013UGEE0018@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
AVINASH SINGH 2013UGEE0019 2013UGEE0019@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR 2013UGEE0020 2013UGEE0020@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SHWETA KUMARI 2013UGEE0021 2013UGEE0021@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ASHUTOSH KUMAR 2013UGEE0022 2013UGEE0022@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ANSHU KUMAR 2013UGEE023 2013UGEE023@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
BITTU KUMAR 2013UGEE025 2013UGEE025@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
AMRITESH RANJAN 2013UGEE026 2013UGEE026@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
PALLAV KUMAR SAHA 2013UGEE028 2013UGEE028@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SATYENDRA NATH SHAW 2013UGEE031 2013UGEE031@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SHIWANI PRIYA 2013UGEE036 2013UGEE036@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
UPENDRA KUMAR 2013UGEE041 2013UGEE041@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
AJAY NILESH 2013UGEE042 2013UGEE042@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
MITHILESH KUMAR SINGH 2013UGEE045 2013UGEE045@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SURAJ KUMAR GORAI 2013UGEE050 2013UGEE050@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ADARSH KUMAR SINGH 2013UGEE064 2013UGEE064@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
VIVEK KUMAR 2013UGEE067 2013UGEE067@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
GOPAL PRASAD KUSHWAHA 2013UGEE075 2013UGEE075@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
NITISH KUMAR 2013UGEE081 2013UGEE081@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
KUNDAN KUMAR 2013UGEE088 2013UGEE088@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SUNIL DUTT MAURYA 2013UGEE091 2013UGEE091@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
AMAN KUMAR 2013UGEE0011 2013UGEE0011@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
MANISH KUMAR PASWAN 2013UGEE0002 2013UGEE0002@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
AMRIT LAL SAHA 2013UGEE033 2013UGEE033@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SMRITI KUMARI 2013UGEE034 2013UGEE034@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
RAHUL KUMAR 2013UGEE044 2013UGEE044@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
DEEPAK KUMAR 2013UGEE065 2013UGEE065@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ANISH RANJAN 2013UGEE066 2013UGEE066@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
KUMARI PRIYANKA 2013UGEE069 2013UGEE069@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ARCHANA KUMARI 2013UGEE071 2013UGEE071@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SAWAN KUMAR AMBEDKAR 2013UGEE072 2013UGEE072@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
OMPRAKASH KUMAR 2013UGEE085 2013UGEE085@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
REKHA KERKETTA 2013UGEE0003 2013UGEE0003@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
PRASHANT KUMAR 2013UGEE0007 2013UGEE0007@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ROHIT PARDHIYA 2013UGEE0016 2013UGEE0016@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SANDEEP BESRA 2013UGEE024 2013UGEE024@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ASHOK KUMAR MEENA 2013UGEE027 2013UGEE027@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
NARPAT RAM MEENA 2013UGEE053 2013UGEE053@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
BANAVATHU BADYA NAIK 2013UGEE062 2013UGEE062@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
BIPIN KUMAR 2013UGEE092 2013UGEE092@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
MD. OLIUL ISLAM 2013UGEE089 2013UGEE089@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
SHRISHTI SAHA SHETU 2013UGEE090 2013UGEE090@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 UG
ANUPAM JAIN 2013PGEEPS002 2013PGEEPS002@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
BINITA NANDA 2013PGEEPS003 2013PGEEPS003@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
DIWAKAR VERMA 2013PGEEPS004 2013PGEEPS004@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
KASIREDDY IDAMAKANTI 2013PGEEPS006 2013PGEEPS006@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
VENKATESH PATNALA 2013PGEEPS008 2013PGEEPS008@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
SAHU PRADEEP 2013PGEEPS009 2013PGEEPS009@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
DEEP PRAKASH 2013PGEEPS010 2013PGEEPS010@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
MONDAL SATYAJIT 2013PGEEPS011 2013PGEEPS011@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
BEHERA SUDHASMITA 2013PGEEPS013 2013PGEEPS013@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
KUMARI SWETA 2013PGEEPS014 2013PGEEPS014@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
`PAL TANMOY` 2013PGEEPS015 2013PGEEPS015@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
NAIK ABINASH 2013PGEEPS001 2013PGEEPS001@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
MURALI DURIYA 2013PGEEPS005 2013PGEEPS005@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
PRASAD KANWAR SHIV 2013PGEEPS012 2013PGEEPS012@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2013 PG
ABDUL KARIM 2014UGEE092 2014UGEE092@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
PARIMI SINDHU SAI SREE 2014UGEE047 2014UGEE047@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
PULAPARTHY SAI SIRISHA 2014UGEE051 2014UGEE051@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
MURARI LAL LOVVANSHI 2014UGEE041 2014UGEE041@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SONU KUMAR 2014UGEE081 2014UGEE081@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SHUBHRA JYOTI ROY 2014UGEE077 2014UGEE077@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SUMAN SOURAV 2014UGEE084 2014UGEE084@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
HARPREET SINGH 2014UGEE026 2014UGEE026@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
UJJWAL KUMAR YADAV 2014UGEE088 2014UGEE088@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
HIMANSHU RANJAN VERMA 2014UGEE027 2014UGEE027@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR SINHA 2014UGEE076 2014UGEE076@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ANJALESH AMAN 2014UGEE005 2014UGEE005@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SAMRIDHI PRAKASH 2014UGEE068 2014UGEE068@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
NITIN CHAURASIA 2014UGEE044 2014UGEE044@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SADDAM HUSSAIN 2014UGEE064 2014UGEE064@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ROHIT KUMAR BARNWAL 2014UGEE061 2014UGEE061@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
RAVI KUMAR 2014UGEE057 2014UGEE057@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SWAPNIL SAURAV 2014UGEE087 2014UGEE087@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ARTI KUMARI 2014UGEE008 2014UGEE008@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
GAURAV KUMAR SINGH 2014UGEE021 2014UGEE021@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
CHANDAN KUMAR 2014UGEE015 2014UGEE015@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
MANISH 2014UGEE038 2014UGEE038@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
BIKRANT AMRIT 2014UGEE013 2014UGEE013@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
CHINTHALA SAI KRISHNA 2014UGEE016 2014UGEE016@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR SINGH 2014UGEE075 2014UGEE075@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SAURABH SHAKYA 2014UGEE071 2014UGEE071@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
LAKSHYA VIJAY 2014UGEE037 2014UGEE037@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
HARISH MAKAD 2014UGEE025 2014UGEE025@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
KUMAR SHASWAT 2014UGEE035 2014UGEE035@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SAMARJEET GHOSH 2014UGEE066 2014UGEE066@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
AMBIKESH ATUL 2014UGEE003 2014UGEE003@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
KARUNAY ANAND 2014UGEE030 2014UGEE030@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ARNAV SARKAR 2014UGEE007 2014UGEE007@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
RAHUL KUMAR 2014UGEE052 2014UGEE052@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
DIKSHA KUMARI AGARWAL 2014UGEE018 2014UGEE018@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
BALAGA PRASANTHI 2014UGEE011 2014UGEE011@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
RAHUL KUMAR SINGH 2014UGEE053 2014UGEE053@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
GORANTA KRISHNA SHASHANK 2014UGEE024 2014UGEE024@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
NEETU KUMARI 2014UGEE042 2014UGEE042@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ASHUTOSH KUMAR 2014UGEE010 2014UGEE010@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SUMAN KUMAR 2014UGEE083 2014UGEE083@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
YADAM RAVI TEJA 2014UGEE091 2014UGEE091@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
JARAPULA RAMESH 2014UGEE028 2014UGEE028@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
NITISH KUMAR 2014UGEE045 2014UGEE045@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
BIJAY KUMAR SAHU 2014UGEE012 2014UGEE012@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SANTOSH MURMU 2014UGEE070 2014UGEE070@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
MD SAKIB ANWAR 2014UGEE039 2014UGEE039@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR 2014UGEE073 2014UGEE073@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
BISHAL KUMAR 2014UGEE014 2014UGEE014@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR 2014UGEE074 2014UGEE074@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SIKANDAR RANA 2014UGEE078 2014UGEE078@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
DEEPAK KUMAR RAM 2014UGEE017 2014UGEE017@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
KARTIK KANOJIA 2014UGEE029 2014UGEE029@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ANIKET KUMAR 2014UGEE004 2014UGEE004@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
PRANAY MARANDI 2014UGEE050 2014UGEE050@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
KAUSHAL KISHOR 2014UGEE031 2014UGEE031@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
VIKASH KUMAR VARNWAL 2014UGEE090 2014UGEE090@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
RITUL KUMAR SAHU 2014UGEE059 2014UGEE059@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SUMIT KUMAR 2014UGEE085 2014UGEE085@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SHER SINGH MEENA 2014UGEE072 2014UGEE072@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ASHISH KUMAR 2014UGEE009 2014UGEE009@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
DINESH BANSAL 2014UGEE019 2014UGEE019@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
PORAS THAVNANI 2014UGEE048 2014UGEE048@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
GANDHAM RAJKUMAR BHARGAV 2014UGEE020 2014UGEE020@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SAI AVINASH NAYUDU 2014UGEE065 2014UGEE065@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
PRAHAAS BOPPUDI 2014UGEE049 2014UGEE049@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
GOKAVARAPU ASHIK 2014UGEE022 2014UGEE022@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SOLA OM SRI SAI KARTHIK RAJA 2014UGEE080 2014UGEE080@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SUSHANT DEY 2014UGEE086 2014UGEE086@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ROHIT KUMAR SINGH 2014UGEE062 2014UGEE062@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SACHINDRA MAJHI 2014UGEE063 2014UGEE063@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ROHIT EKKA 2014UGEE060 2014UGEE060@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SANTOSH KUMAR 2014UGEE069 2014UGEE069@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SAMMETA SAI SARAN 2014UGEE067 2014UGEE067@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ANUBHAV ANAND 2014UGEE006 2014UGEE006@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
RAJESH PARIDA 2014UGEE054 2014UGEE054@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
RAM KRISHNA MISHRA 2014UGEE055 2014UGEE055@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
MITHLESH KUMAR 2014UGEE040 2014UGEE040@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
KUNAL KUMAR KARMAKAR 2014UGEE036 2014UGEE036@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
AMAN GUPTA 2014UGEE002 2014UGEE002@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
GOLLAPALLI RAJKUMAR 2014UGEE023 2014UGEE023@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
KONDRA RAHUL 2014UGEE033 2014UGEE033@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
VAMSIDHAR REDDY S V N 2014UGEE089 2014UGEE089@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
KRISHNA GOPAL SINGH 2014UGEE034 2014UGEE034@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
RISHI KARN 2014UGEE058 2014UGEE058@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SOURABH KUMAR 2014UGEE082 2014UGEE082@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
SINU SUNDI 2014UGEE079 2014UGEE079@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
NITISH KUMAR VERMA 2014UGEE046 2014UGEE046@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2014 UG
ABHIJEET KUMAR 2015UGEE001 2015UGEE001@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
RANJEET KUMAR 2015UGEE002 2015UGEE002@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
PRIYANKA MONI 2015UGEE003 2015UGEE003@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ALOK KUMAR 2015UGEE004 2015UGEE004@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SAUMYA PANDEY 2015UGEE005 2015UGEE005@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
RAJAT KUMAR GUPTA 2015UGEE006 2015UGEE006@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ADITYA ANAND 2015UGEE007 2015UGEE007@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ROHIT KUMAR RAJWAR 2015UGEE008 2015UGEE008@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
NIKHIL KUMAR SHARMA 2015UGEE009 2015UGEE009@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
NUPUR PRIYA 2015UGEE010 2015UGEE010@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
NARENDRANATH MAJHI 2015UGEE011 2015UGEE011@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
P SAGAR REDDY 2015UGEE012 2015UGEE012@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
PREM KUMAR 2015UGEE013 2015UGEE013@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
CHANDAN BHARTI 2015UGEE014 2015UGEE014@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ABHISHEK KUMAR 2015UGEE015 2015UGEE015@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SAURABH KUMAR SINGH 2015UGEE016 2015UGEE016@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SOURABH KUMAR 2015UGEE017 2015UGEE017@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
AMIT RANJAN KACHHAP 2015UGEE018 2015UGEE018@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ROHIT KUMAR 2015UGEE019 2015UGEE019@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
PIYUSH KUMAR 2015UGEE020 2015UGEE020@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
VIVEK KUMAR SHARMA 2015UGEE021 2015UGEE021@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
AVINASH NAYAK 2015UGEE022 2015UGEE022@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ANKIT KUMAR 2015UGEE023 2015UGEE023@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
MALVIKA 2015UGEE024 2015UGEE024@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SUNNY SHEKHAR RATHORE 2015UGEE025 2015UGEE025@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
RAPAKA NILESH KUMAR 2015UGEE026 2015UGEE026@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
RAVINDRA KUMAR 2015UGEE027 2015UGEE027@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ABHISHEK DUTTA 2015UGEE028 2015UGEE028@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SNIGDHA SHIT 2015UGEE029 2015UGEE029@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
KETAN KANISTHA 2015UGEE030 2015UGEE030@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
RINKLE KUMARI 2015UGEE031 2015UGEE031@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SHASHIKANT PASWAN 2015UGEE032 2015UGEE032@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
RAJESH KUMAR 2015UGEE033 2015UGEE033@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SHUBHANGI CHOUDHARY 2015UGEE034 2015UGEE034@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ANKIT KUMAR SHARMA 2015UGEE035 2015UGEE035@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
NISHA MURMU 2015UGEE036 2015UGEE036@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SUYASH SRIVASTAVA 2015UGEE037 2015UGEE037@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
NEELAM KUMARI 2015UGEE038 2015UGEE038@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ABHISHEK KUMAR PANDEY 2015UGEE039 2015UGEE039@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
PRAGYA RANI 2015UGEE040 2015UGEE040@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
PABBA PHANINDRA 2015UGEE041 2015UGEE041@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
LOKESH KUMAR 2015UGEE042 2015UGEE042@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
RITIK JAIN 2015UGEE043 2015UGEE043@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
NAMRATA 2015UGEE044 2015UGEE044@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SIMRAN 2015UGEE045 2015UGEE045@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ADARSH RAJ RAJAK 2015UGEE046 2015UGEE046@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SINEY 2015UGEE047 2015UGEE047@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
HARSH RAJ 2015UGEE048 2015UGEE048@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SAUMYA KUMARI 2015UGEE049 2015UGEE049@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SYANKI KUMAR BURNWAL 2015UGEE050 2015UGEE050@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SUPRIYA PATTANAIK 2015UGEE051 2015UGEE051@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
VIVEK KUMAR 2015UGEE052 2015UGEE052@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SHRUTI DUBEY 2015UGEE053 2015UGEE053@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ASVINDRA RAJPOOT 2015UGEE054 2015UGEE054@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
GAURAV KUMAR PATEL 2015UGEE055 2015UGEE055@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
PRACHI KUMARI 2015UGEE056 2015UGEE056@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SWATI KUMARI 2015UGEE057 2015UGEE057@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ANUJ KUMAR 2015UGEE058 2015UGEE058@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR SINGH 2015UGEE059 2015UGEE059@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
KUNAL KUMAR 2015UGEE060 2015UGEE060@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR GUPTA 2015UGEE061 2015UGEE061@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SANJAY KUMAR SAW 2015UGEE062 2015UGEE062@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
AMIT KUMAR KANNOUJIYA 2015UGEE063 2015UGEE063@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
MADDUKURI REVANTH 2015UGEE064 2015UGEE064@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
MARSHAL BANRA 2015UGEE065 2015UGEE065@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
AKKIREDDY KUMAR 2015UGEE066 2015UGEE066@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
AMPOLU SIVA RAMA KRISHNA 2015UGEE067 2015UGEE067@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ANIRUDDHA GHOSH 2015UGEE068 2015UGEE068@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
MENDU HARIKA SIVANI SUNANDHA 2015UGEE069 2015UGEE069@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
BINADHAR SANDIL 2015UGEE070 2015UGEE070@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
NAIDU DURGA SAI DEEPIKA 2015UGEE071 2015UGEE071@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
KILAPARTHI ANJALISRI 2015UGEE072 2015UGEE072@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ASEEF RAZA 2015UGEE073 2015UGEE073@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
MOTAHEER HASSAN 2015UGEE074 2015UGEE074@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
VELPULA RISHI VIGNAN 2015UGEE075 2015UGEE075@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
RAHUL KUMAR MEENA 2015UGEE076 2015UGEE076@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SUNIL KUMAR 2015UGEE077 2015UGEE077@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SHUBHAM RAJ 2015UGEE078 2015UGEE078@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
ROHIT KUMAR 2015UGEE079 2015UGEE079@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
MUKUL ANAND 2015UGEE080 2015UGEE080@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
KUMURAM ASHOK 2015UGEE081 2015UGEE081@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
AMAR KUMAR 2015UGEE082 2015UGEE082@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
RITESH TIWARI 2015UGEE083 2015UGEE083@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
AYUSH SHARMA 2015UGEE084 2015UGEE084@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
MONICA PRASAD 2015UGEE085 2015UGEE085@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
VIKASH KUMAR 2015UGEE086 2015UGEE086@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
DHARMENDRA KUMAR 2015UGEE087 2015UGEE087@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
CHANDAN KUMAR 2015UGEE088 2015UGEE088@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
SHASHI PRAKASH 2015UGEE089 2015UGEE089@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
MD ZIYARAT HUSSAIN 2015UGEE090 2015UGEE090@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
GOPAL KUMAR 2015UGEE091 2015UGEE091@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG
PRANAV TIWARY 2015UGEE092 2015UGEE092@nitjsr.ac.in EEE 2015 UG

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