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  • राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान जमशेदपुर
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
  • An Institution of National importance under MHRD, Government of India

Student from department of CIVIL
Name Roll Number Email Branch Batch Course
RAKESH RANJAN 2013UGCE0007 2013UGCE0007@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SHYAM KRISHNA 2013UGCE0008 2013UGCE0008@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SUDEEP KUMAR 2013UGCE0009 2013UGCE0009@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
V ANAND 2013UGCE0010 2013UGCE0010@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ANWESHA CHAKRABORTY 2013UGCE0011 2013UGCE0011@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SANTOSH KUMAR 2013UGCE0012 2013UGCE0012@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MADHU KUMARI 2013UGCE0013 2013UGCE0013@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MAHABIR BURNWAL 2013UGCE0014 2013UGCE0014@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
NITISH KUMAR 2013UGCE0015 2013UGCE0015@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SAURAV KUMAR 2013UGCE0016 2013UGCE0016@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SHUBHAM SRIVASTAVA 2013UGCE0017 2013UGCE0017@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RAHUL KUMAR 2013UGCE0018 2013UGCE0018@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
VARUN KUMAR 2013UGCE0019 2013UGCE0019@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RAVINDRA PRADHAN 2013UGCE0020 2013UGCE0020@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
VAIBHAV RAJ 2013UGCE0021 2013UGCE0021@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MRINAL BHUSHAN 2013UGCE0022 2013UGCE0022@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ARTI KUMARI 2013UGCE0023 2013UGCE0023@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SACHIN KUMAR 2013UGCE0024 2013UGCE0024@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ALOK MANI 2013UGCE0025 2013UGCE0025@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
NITESH PATIDAR 2013UGCE0026 2013UGCE0026@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SIDDHARTHA SHANKER 2013UGCE0027 2013UGCE0027@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MAYUR KUMAR 2013UGCE0028 2013UGCE0028@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
CHAHAT KHANNA 2013UGCE0029 2013UGCE0029@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
PRASHANT KUMAR 2013UGCE0030 2013UGCE0030@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
AKSHAY TYAGI 2013UGCE0031 2013UGCE0031@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ABHISHEK KUMAR 2013UGCE0032 2013UGCE0032@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
PRASHANT KUMAR 2013UGCE0033 2013UGCE0033@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
VIVEK KUMAR 2013UGCE0034 2013UGCE0034@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
AVINASH SINGH 2013UGCE0035 2013UGCE0035@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
VIVEK KUMAR 2013UGCE0036 2013UGCE0036@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
NEELESH KUMAR 2013UGCE0037 2013UGCE0037@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
VINEET AHUJA 2013UGCE0038 2013UGCE0038@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ARCHANA PATHAK 2013UGCE0039 2013UGCE0039@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
PRITAM SINGH 2013UGCE0040 2013UGCE0040@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
GAURAV KUMAR 2013UGCE0041 2013UGCE0041@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
AKSHAY ANAND 2013UGCE0042 2013UGCE0042@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
NILESH KUMAR 2013UGCE0043 2013UGCE0043@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
AVIRAL JAIN 2013UGCE0044 2013UGCE0044@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ARAVA SAI 2013UGCE0045 2013UGCE0045@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
KUDULLA JAYA 2013UGCE0046 2013UGCE0046@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RAVI ROSHAN 2013UGCE0047 2013UGCE0047@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SAGAR KUMAR 2013UGCE0048 2013UGCE0048@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
JAYANTA KUMAR 2013UGCE0049 2013UGCE0049@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SUDEEP KUMAR 2013UGCE0050 2013UGCE0050@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
JONEY PATEL 2013UGCE0051 2013UGCE0051@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
DHIRAJ YADAV 2013UGCE0052 2013UGCE0052@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
NITESH KUMAR 2013UGCE0053 2013UGCE0053@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
VANDAN KUMAR 2013UGCE0054 2013UGCE0054@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ADITYA KUMAR 2013UGCE0055 2013UGCE0055@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RANVEER KUMAR 2013UGCE0056 2013UGCE0056@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SUBHASH KUMAR 2013UGCE0057 2013UGCE0057@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
TARUN KUMAR 2013UGCE0058 2013UGCE0058@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
PAVAN KUMAR 2013UGCE0059 2013UGCE0059@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
AMAL MANDAL 2013UGCE0060 2013UGCE0060@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MAYANK RAJ 2013UGCE0061 2013UGCE0061@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
UMESH DUKIYA 2013UGCE0062 2013UGCE0062@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ANKITA 2013UGCE0063 2013UGCE0063@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
VIKASH KUMAR 2013UGCE0064 2013UGCE0064@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MERUGU ABHINAND 2013UGCE0065 2013UGCE0065@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
PRAVEEN KUMAR 2013UGCE0066 2013UGCE0066@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RAHUL KUMAR 2013UGCE0067 2013UGCE0067@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
KRISHNA KUMAR 2013UGCE0068 2013UGCE0068@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RAJEEV KUMAR 2013UGCE0069 2013UGCE0069@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MD SAAD 2013UGCE0070 2013UGCE0070@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SHAHBAZ ALAM 2013UGCE0071 2013UGCE0071@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
VISHWAJEET SAH 2013UGCE0072 2013UGCE0072@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ABHISHEK KUMAR 2013UGCE0073 2013UGCE0073@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
BADAL KUMAR 2013UGCE0074 2013UGCE0074@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ARVIND KISHOR 2013UGCE0075 2013UGCE0075@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RADHESHYAM YADAV 2013UGCE0076 2013UGCE0076@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SUMIT KUMAR 2013UGCE0077 2013UGCE0077@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MANIKANT KUMAR 2013UGCE0078 2013UGCE0078@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
DEEPAK KUMAR 2013UGCE0079 2013UGCE0079@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RAHUL RANJAN 2013UGCE0080 2013UGCE0080@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SANJEEV KUMAR 2013UGCE0081 2013UGCE0081@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MANISH KUMAR 2013UGCE0082 2013UGCE0082@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
PRABHU DAYAL 2013UGCE0083 2013UGCE0083@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
AJAY KUMAR 2013UGCE0084 2013UGCE0084@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RAKESH KUMAR 2013UGCE0085 2013UGCE0085@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ROHIT KUMAR 2013UGCE0086 2013UGCE0086@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
INAPANURI SESHUPHANI 2013UGCE0087 2013UGCE0087@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
GAUTAM KUMAR 2013UGCE0088 2013UGCE0088@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MANISH KUMAR 2013UGCE0089 2013UGCE0089@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ROSHAN CHERWA 2013UGCE0090 2013UGCE0090@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
RAJEEV KUMAR 2013UGCE0091 2013UGCE0091@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ASHUTOSH KUMAR 2013UGCE0092 2013UGCE0092@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MAYANK MINZ 2013UGCE0093 2013UGCE0093@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
MEGHAVATH VENKATESH 2013UGCE0094 2013UGCE0094@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
ASEM ADNAN 2013UGCE0095 2013UGCE0095@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
SHAJIB KUMAR 2013UGCE0096 2013UGCE0096@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2013 UG
TENZIN DORJI 2014UGCE095 2014UGCE095@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
BURUGUPALLI VINEETHA 2014UGCE021 2014UGCE021@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SUNNY KUMAR 2014UGCE078 2014UGCE078@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
VISHAL KUMAR MISHRA 2014UGCE090 2014UGCE090@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SNEH SPARSH 2014UGCE073 2014UGCE073@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
GUMMADAVELLI RAJESH KUMAR 2014UGCE029 2014UGCE029@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
MADDUKURI S V S MANIKANTA CHOWDARY 2014UGCE035 2014UGCE035@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
UNGARALA NAGENDRA ANIL 2014UGCE085 2014UGCE085@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
MAALE CHANDANA 2014UGCE034 2014UGCE034@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SWAPNIL SINGH 2014UGCE084 2014UGCE084@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
MANISH KUMAR 2014UGCE037 2014UGCE037@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SURYAKANT KUMAR SISODIYA 2014UGCE081 2014UGCE081@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
NITESH KUMAR 2014UGCE045 2014UGCE045@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SIDDHARTH MISHRA 2014UGCE072 2014UGCE072@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
RAHUL TIWARY 2014UGCE055 2014UGCE055@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SATYA PRAKASH 2014UGCE064 2014UGCE064@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
PRINCE KUMAR MAURYA 2014UGCE052 2014UGCE052@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
VISHAL JHA 2014UGCE088 2014UGCE088@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SHASHI KUMAR SRIVASTAV 2014UGCE069 2014UGCE069@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ABHIJEET KUMAR PURTY 2014UGCE001 2014UGCE001@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ANKIT RAJ 2014UGCE011 2014UGCE011@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
AMAN NAYAN 2014UGCE008 2014UGCE008@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
RAJAT DEO 2014UGCE056 2014UGCE056@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
AWANISH KUMAR 2014UGCE017 2014UGCE017@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ANURAG KEDIA 2014UGCE014 2014UGCE014@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
DURBHA SUSHEEL KRISHNA 2014UGCE025 2014UGCE025@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
RAVI SHASTRI 2014UGCE057 2014UGCE057@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
RAHUL DEO 2014UGCE053 2014UGCE053@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SUSHIL KUMAR 2014UGCE083 2014UGCE083@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
AYUSH 2014UGCE018 2014UGCE018@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
NIKHIL KUMAR 2014UGCE043 2014UGCE043@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ABHINAY KUMAR 2014UGCE002 2014UGCE002@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
CHANDRALOK KUMAR 2014UGCE023 2014UGCE023@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
RAVISH RAJ 2014UGCE059 2014UGCE059@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
CHAITHNYA TEJA D 2014UGCE022 2014UGCE022@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
UGYEN DORJI 2014UGCE094 2014UGCE094@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SHWETANSU 2014UGCE071 2014UGCE071@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
RAHUL KUMAR YADAV 2014UGCE054 2014UGCE054@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
PRABHAT KUMAR 2014UGCE048 2014UGCE048@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SANJAY KUMAR MAHATO 2014UGCE063 2014UGCE063@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
MADHAV KUMAR DHEERAJ 2014UGCE036 2014UGCE036@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
BHASKER GANGWAR 2014UGCE020 2014UGCE020@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
NAMGAY DEMA 2014UGCE093 2014UGCE093@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
VIJAY KUMAR MISHRA 2014UGCE086 2014UGCE086@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
NISHANT PUSKAR 2014UGCE044 2014UGCE044@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
GAJENDRA KUMAR GUPTA 2014UGCE027 2014UGCE027@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
GAURAV KUMAR 2014UGCE028 2014UGCE028@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
HEMANT KUMAR 2014UGCE031 2014UGCE031@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
MD ZISHAN ALAM 2014UGCE039 2014UGCE039@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
AKASH KUMAR 2014UGCE005 2014UGCE005@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ROHIT KUMAR 2014UGCE061 2014UGCE061@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ASHWANI JAISWAL 2014UGCE015 2014UGCE015@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
G NIKHIL KUMAR 2014UGCE026 2014UGCE026@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
AMITESH KUMAR PARAYA 2014UGCE009 2014UGCE009@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
RENUKA KISKU 2014UGCE060 2014UGCE060@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ANSHU ARYA 2014UGCE013 2014UGCE013@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SHAILESH KUMAR 2014UGCE066 2014UGCE066@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
MARREDDY SAI SURESH 2014UGCE038 2014UGCE038@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SUNNY KUMAR KESHRI 2014UGCE079 2014UGCE079@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ALOK KUMAR THAKUR 2014UGCE007 2014UGCE007@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
RAVIRANJAN KUMAR 2014UGCE058 2014UGCE058@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
PAWAN KUMAR SINHA 2014UGCE047 2014UGCE047@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
AKHILESH KUMAR JAIN 2014UGCE006 2014UGCE006@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SURAJ KUMAR PRAJAPATI 2014UGCE080 2014UGCE080@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SUMRAT LAL MEENA 2014UGCE076 2014UGCE076@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ANNAPUREDDY MAHESH REDDY 2014UGCE012 2014UGCE012@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
PRABHAT KUMAR SAH 2014UGCE049 2014UGCE049@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SUNIL KUMAR 2014UGCE077 2014UGCE077@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SHASHANK KUMAR 2014UGCE068 2014UGCE068@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
VISHAL SINGH 2014UGCE091 2014UGCE091@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
GYANESH KUMAR 2014UGCE030 2014UGCE030@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
VISHAL KUMAR 2014UGCE089 2014UGCE089@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
VIKAS VAIBHAV 2014UGCE087 2014UGCE087@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
DEVATHI MAHESH BABU 2014UGCE024 2014UGCE024@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
KUMAR ANKUR 2014UGCE032 2014UGCE032@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ADITYA PRATAP SINGH 2014UGCE003 2014UGCE003@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SACHIDANAND SOREN 2014UGCE062 2014UGCE062@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SHUBHAM RAJA 2014UGCE070 2014UGCE070@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
AYUSH KUMAR 2014UGCE019 2014UGCE019@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
NIDHI NIVEDITA 2014UGCE042 2014UGCE042@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SUSHANT KUMAR 2014UGCE082 2014UGCE082@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ASIF ALAM 2014UGCE016 2014UGCE016@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
PANCHANAN KUMAR 2014UGCE046 2014UGCE046@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SUBHAM KUMAR DEY 2014UGCE075 2014UGCE075@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SHAKTI SHEKHAR 2014UGCE067 2014UGCE067@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
KUMAR HEMANT 2014UGCE033 2014UGCE033@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
AKASH GAUR 2014UGCE004 2014UGCE004@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
VIVEK DEOGAM 2014UGCE092 2014UGCE092@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SHAIK NAYEEMA 2014UGCE065 2014UGCE065@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
ANISH ANAND 2014UGCE010 2014UGCE010@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
PRABHAT RANJAN 2014UGCE050 2014UGCE050@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
NIDHI KUMARI 2014UGCE041 2014UGCE041@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
SOURABH KUMAR SINHA 2014UGCE074 2014UGCE074@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
PRAVEEN RANJAN 2014UGCE051 2014UGCE051@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2014 UG
PITAN PANJA 2015UGCE001 2015UGCE001@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ADITYA 2015UGCE002 2015UGCE002@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAHUL MODAK 2015UGCE003 2015UGCE003@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
AMIT KUMAR 2015UGCE004 2015UGCE004@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ANJALI THAKUR 2015UGCE005 2015UGCE005@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
AJEET KUMAR 2015UGCE006 2015UGCE006@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SYED AFROZ AZIM 2015UGCE007 2015UGCE007@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SONU KUMAR 2015UGCE008 2015UGCE008@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
VIKESH KUMAR SINGH 2015UGCE009 2015UGCE009@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ADITYA KUMAR 2015UGCE010 2015UGCE010@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
NAWNITA SUMAN 2015UGCE011 2015UGCE011@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
BANTY MODI 2015UGCE012 2015UGCE012@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ANNPURNA KUMAR SINGH 2015UGCE013 2015UGCE013@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
AYUSH KUMAR AGNIHOTRI 2015UGCE014 2015UGCE014@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SUMAN KUMAR 2015UGCE015 2015UGCE015@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
MURTAZA RONAQ 2015UGCE016 2015UGCE016@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
VIBHU BANAMALI MISHRA 2015UGCE017 2015UGCE017@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ABHINAV ABHISHEK 2015UGCE018 2015UGCE018@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ABHISHEK KASHYAP 2015UGCE019 2015UGCE019@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
DEO KUMAR THAKUR 2015UGCE020 2015UGCE020@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
NITIN KUMAR 2015UGCE021 2015UGCE021@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SARVAM KUMAR PANDEY 2015UGCE022 2015UGCE022@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
MITHILESH KUMAR 2015UGCE023 2015UGCE023@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
LALLAN PRASAD 2015UGCE024 2015UGCE024@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
PRINCE KUMAR 2015UGCE025 2015UGCE025@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
BASANT BAITHA 2015UGCE026 2015UGCE026@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAKESH KUMAR MALL 2015UGCE027 2015UGCE027@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SUBHAM MODI 2015UGCE028 2015UGCE028@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
CHANDAN KUMAR 2015UGCE029 2015UGCE029@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
APSHAY KUMAR 2015UGCE030 2015UGCE030@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
GULENDRA KUMAR MAHTO 2015UGCE031 2015UGCE031@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
NILESH CHOUDHARY 2015UGCE032 2015UGCE032@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ROSHAN SINGH 2015UGCE033 2015UGCE033@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAJ KUMAR ROY 2015UGCE034 2015UGCE034@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SIDDHANT KANDULNA 2015UGCE035 2015UGCE035@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
VIKAS MINZ 2015UGCE036 2015UGCE036@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SHUBHAM KUMAR 2015UGCE037 2015UGCE037@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
AYUSH GAURAV 2015UGCE038 2015UGCE038@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
VISHAL ANAND 2015UGCE039 2015UGCE039@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SACHIN RATHI 2015UGCE040 2015UGCE040@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAHUL KUMAR SUMAN 2015UGCE041 2015UGCE041@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAUSHAN KUMAR 2015UGCE042 2015UGCE042@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAVINDRA KUMAR SHARMA 2015UGCE043 2015UGCE043@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
LOVEKUSH MEENA 2015UGCE044 2015UGCE044@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RUPAV TIWARI 2015UGCE045 2015UGCE045@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
KUMARDEEP MUKHOPADHYAY 2015UGCE046 2015UGCE046@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
NARESH KUMAR SAINI 2015UGCE047 2015UGCE047@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ASIF RAZA 2015UGCE048 2015UGCE048@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ANURANJAN HARSH 2015UGCE049 2015UGCE049@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
AVINASH KUMAR 2015UGCE050 2015UGCE050@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAVI KUMAR 2015UGCE051 2015UGCE051@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAMNANDAN KUMAR 2015UGCE052 2015UGCE052@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAHUL KUMAR 2015UGCE053 2015UGCE053@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SUMIT SHASHANK 2015UGCE054 2015UGCE054@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ABHISHEK KUMAR MISHRA 2015UGCE055 2015UGCE055@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RISHAV KUMAR MISHRA 2015UGCE056 2015UGCE056@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SACHIN MEENA 2015UGCE057 2015UGCE057@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ANIL KUMAR YADAV 2015UGCE058 2015UGCE058@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
VIKAS SONKER 2015UGCE059 2015UGCE059@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
KUMARI SAGUFTA NAYAK 2015UGCE060 2015UGCE060@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
AMIT KUMAR 2015UGCE061 2015UGCE061@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
AAYUSH DUBEY 2015UGCE062 2015UGCE062@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
MUKESH KUMAR 2015UGCE063 2015UGCE063@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
MD KASHIF HUSSAIN 2015UGCE064 2015UGCE064@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
KANHAIYA LAL MEENA 2015UGCE065 2015UGCE065@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
VIKAS KUMAR 2015UGCE066 2015UGCE066@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
HARITHA GAVARA 2015UGCE067 2015UGCE067@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SHEKHAR BHASHKAR 2015UGCE068 2015UGCE068@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
AKASH KUMAR SINGH 2015UGCE069 2015UGCE069@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
NISCHAL RANJAN 2015UGCE070 2015UGCE070@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ABHINOW SUMAN 2015UGCE071 2015UGCE071@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ALOK RAJ 2015UGCE072 2015UGCE072@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
SANKALP SANJAY 2015UGCE073 2015UGCE073@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
DRISHTI 2015UGCE074 2015UGCE074@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAJAT MITTAL 2015UGCE075 2015UGCE075@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
HIMANSHU CHAUHAN 2015UGCE076 2015UGCE076@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
NARENDRA KUMAR 2015UGCE077 2015UGCE077@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
MURATHOTI BHANU PRAKASH 2015UGCE078 2015UGCE078@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
UPPARA RANJITH KUMAR 2015UGCE079 2015UGCE079@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RISHABH RATNAM 2015UGCE080 2015UGCE080@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ANMOL JAIN 2015UGCE081 2015UGCE081@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
HRISHABH CHANDRA 2015UGCE082 2015UGCE082@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RAJ SANCHU RAJWAR 2015UGCE083 2015UGCE083@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
PANKAJ KUMAR 2015UGCE084 2015UGCE084@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ROHIT BHATI 2015UGCE085 2015UGCE085@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
ADYA TEWARY 2015UGCE086 2015UGCE086@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
KUMAR NISHANT 2015UGCE087 2015UGCE087@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
RANJEET KUMAR MODI 2015UGCE088 2015UGCE088@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG
AYUSHI 2015UGCE089 2015UGCE089@nitjsr.ac.in Civil 2015 UG

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