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  • भौतिक विज्ञान विभाग
  • Department of Physics
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur

Prof. Ujjwal Laha

Department of Physics
Ph.D.(Visva-Bharati University, 1988)


Area of Research Interest

  • Nuclear scattering theory, Super-symmetry, Mathematical Physics
  • Few-particle Dynamics


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  2. J. Bhoi, K. C. Panda, Prof. Ujjwal Laha : Nucleon-nucleon scattering in the light of supersymmetric quantum mechanics - (2014)
  3. J. Bhoi, Prof. Ujjwal Laha : Two-nucleon Hulthen type interactions for few higher partial waves -
  4. J. Bhoi, Prof. Ujjwal Laha : Off-shell Jost Solutions for Coulomb and Coulomb-like Interactions in all partial waves - J. Math. Phys. vol:54 (2013)
  5. J. Bhoi, Prof. Ujjwal Laha : Hamiltonian hierarchy and n-p scattering - J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. vol:40 (2013)
  6. J. Bhoi, Prof. Ujjwal Laha : Thermal conductivity of bad conductors revisited - Int. J. of Phys. And Math.Sc. vol:3 issue:40 (2013)
  7. J. Bhoi, Prof. Ujjwal Laha : An integral transform of Coulomb Green's function via Sturmian representation and off-shell scattering - Few-body System (2013) Doi (2013)
  8. J. Bhoi, Prof. Ujjwal Laha : Integral transform of the Coulomb Green's function by the Hankel function and off-shell scattering - Phys. Rev. C (2013)

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