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Dr. Hari Shankar Prasad

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
1. Ph. D.: National Institute of Technology, Warangal (Andhra.Pradesh), India. \r\nThesis Title: Numerical Study of a Class of Singular Perturbation Problems.\r\n2. M. Sc.(Mathematics): University Department, B.B.A.B.U, Muzaffarpur, Bihar. \r\n3. B. Sc.(Mathematics-H): B.U, Muzaffarpur, Bihar. \r\n● Date of joining the Institute NIT Jamshedpur: 08-05-1996

Area of Research Interest

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Differential equations, Integral equations, Integro-Differential equations
  • Singular Perturbation Problems
  • Singularly Perturbed differential-difference equations, Delay problems

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