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Dr. Md Ashique Hassan

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. (IIT, Patna); B. Tech. (AMU, Aligarh)

Area of Research Interest

  • DST Agrotech Project on Design and Development of Compact Semi-Automatic Parboiling Machine with Dryer for Marginal Farming: 2020-2022 Investigators: Dr A K Mandal and Dr M A Hassan
  • Nanoparticle Oxygen Carrier Assisted Chemical Looping Combustion Funding agency: SERB, DST, Govt of India; Duration: 2020-2023 Investigators: Prof Sanjay and Dr M. A. Hassan
  • Effect of Nanoparticles in Viscoplastic Complex Fluids: A Thermo-rheological Characterization and Heat Transfer Investigation Funding agency: SERB, DST, Govt of India; Duration: 2017-2020; PI: Dr M A Hassan
  • Complex non Newtonian fluid flow and heat transfer; Nanofluid heat transport and applications; Nanofluid stabilty and characterization; Propellants with nanoparticles

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