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  • संगणक विज्ञान एवम् अभियन्त्रण विभाग
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur


Dr. Binod Kumar Singh

Associate Professor & Head

Interests:     Software Engineering


Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Suman

Associate Professor

Interests:     Software Engineering


Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Associate Professor

Interests:     Network Security


Dr. Dilip Kumar

Assistant Professor

Interests:     Cloud Computing

  0657 2374103

Dr. Koushlendra Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor

Interests:     Image Processing,


Dr. Ansuman Mahapatra

AD-HOC Faculty

Interests:     Computer Vision


Dr. Dhananjoy Bhakta

AD-HOC Faculty



Mr. Rabi Shaw

AD-HOC Faculty

Interests:     Wireless Sensor Networks


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