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  • विद्युत अभियन्त्रण विभाग
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur

NIT Jamshedpur - Cradle of technical excellence
Power Electronics laboratory

Available Instruments

  • Single Phase series inverter(SCR)
  • Single Phase parallel inverter(SCR)
  • Function generator 2MHz
  • Harmonic Analyzer
  • 25MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope
  • Induction motor with 3 phase drill
  • 3 Phase Auto transformer
  • Step-down transformer 1500 watt. input 190-250 AC output 110-115 AC
  • 20MHz Digital storage CRO
  • Microprocessor Trainer kit

List of Experiments

  • Study of the static characteristics of a Bipolar Junction Transistor in CE and CB mode.
  • Study of the static characteristics of thyristor family ( SCR / TRIAC / DIAC ).
  • Study of triggering circuits for :
    • R – Triggering circuit
    • R – C Triggering circuit.
  • Study of UJT triggering circuit for SCR.
  • Study of Digital Triggering circuit for SCR.
  • Study of different methods of forced commutation of SCR.
  • Study of MOSFET based inverter.
  • To construct and demonstrate a Switch Mode Power Supply.

    Faculty Incharge: Mr. Amit Prakash
    Phone: 0657-237-4080
    Email: amitprakash.ece@nitjsr.ac.in

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