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  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur

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Control System laboratory

List of Equipments:

  • PID Controller set-up
  • DC and AC servo motor
  • Linear System Simulator
  • Potentiometer Error Detector
  • AC position control system
  • DC position control system
  • DC motor speed control demonstrator unit
  • Relay control system(setup)
  • Synchro-Transmission Receiver
  • Temperature System Simulator
  • Stepper motor controller
  • Function generator
  • Analog CRO 20KHz
  • Digital CRO 300MHz AND 100MHz
  • Control System components
  • Analog computer


  • Temperature Control PID Software

List of Experiments:

  • Close loop control of D.C motor using Tacho generator feedback.
  • Study and determination of transfer function of DC Tachogenerator.
  • DC closed loop position control system and its performance.
  • Experiments on linear system simulator: step and ramp responses of 1st and 2nd order systems.
  • Experiments on Synchro-pair
    a.As error detector
    b.As position transducer.
  • To study the performance of stepper motor using 8085 microprocessor.
  • To study an angular position error detector using two potentiometer.
  • To study the temperature control of liquid level using PID controller(software control).
  • Open loop and closed loop performance of DC servometer.
  • To study the speed torque characteristics of DC servometer.
  • impulse and step response determination of a system using MATLAB.
  • To study the performance of relay control system.
  • Experiments based on compensation design.
  • Root locus, bode plot, polar plot etc. using MATLAB.

    Faculty Incharge: Dr. A.K.Singh
    Phone: +91-9939143423
    Email: aksingh.ee@nitjsr.ac.in

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