Emerging Leader in Academic Excellence

NIT Jamshedpur has always been among the top NITs in India. The institute has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the field of Academic Excellence.It is mainly due to the following reasons:

Pre-prepared course handout including which includes selected standard books for certain subjects thus proving effective for the students both in terms of quality and standards. We follow the Course curricula which is only followed in American universities like MIT, Harvard etc helps in improving the quality of technical education.


NIT Jamshedpur has always been among the top NITs in India. The institute has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the field of placement and training. The placement department of the institute provides the students with placement facilities and makes all the necessary arrangements for the same. It has achieved great placement records for its students, over the years. Numerous students of the institute have been placed in top firms and industries.

The Training & Placement Cell, NIT Jamshedpur facilitates the process of placement of students passing out from the Institute besides collaborating with leading organizations and institutes in setting up of internship and training program of students. The office liaises with various industrial establishments, corporate houses etc which conduct campus interviews and select graduate and post-graduate students from all disciplines.

Official Placement Statistics: www.nitjsr.ac.in/tap/stats.php

Strategic Location

NIT Jamshedpur is situated in the western part of the city Jamshedpur, which is situated in the southern end of the state of Jharkhand and is bordered by the states of Orissa and West Bengal. It is just far enough to ensure that the city with its noise is too distant to distract and just near enough to guarantee that all city facilities are immediately available. The institute is strategically located with the unique advantage of being surrounded by giant and medium scale industries like Tata-Steel, Telco, Indian Steel Wire Products, Tata Tubes, Tinplate Company, Tata Timken etc. and reputed Institutes like the National Metallurgical Laboratory, Xavier Labour Relations Institute and National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology, Ranchi.

NIT Jamshedpur is located on the outskirts of Jamshedpur on 320 acres of sprawling, rolling hills, and wooded land. It combines natural beauty of countryside with urban glamour of an industrial area. The flowing river and picturesque backdrop of low hills on one side and large tracks of forest on the other make the 320 acres of rolling campus an ideal place for higher learning and research. It has been growing from strength to strength ever since it was established in 1960.

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Our Distinguished Alumni

“Our institute has given us attitude and instinct which makes us different from others. We have been prepared to face all struggles, to shine even in situations as dark as black holes and to carry the never dying hope that no matter how beaten we are, we will rise again.”

These are the words that come pouring out of the mouth of thousands of alumni of NIT Jamshedpur because this exactly is what this institute gives you-a completely different outlook to live your life and face challenges.

Right from its establishment in 1960 till it became NIT in 2002 and up to 2014, one thing has never changed here and that is the tradition of producing eminent alumni who have proved themselves in various fields. Our alumni have distinguished themselves in almost every field as scientists, academicians, technocrats, industry captains, architects, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and have made significant contributions to both India as well as abroad.

Industry Oriented Curricula

At NIT Jamshedpur, the curriculum being employed relies heavily and mainly on industries’ requirements for skilled Manpower and subsequently our students transform into developed and highly skilled professionals and persons who understand the importance of professional outlook.

Teaching and learning process aims at encouraging sound engineering practices; making precision engineering a way of life. This effectively brings about a paradigm shift from the classroom to path-breaking innovation.

We put great emphasis upon interaction with leading professionals. Amalgamation of Business Ethics into all the curricula inculcates the feeling of belongingness and compassion in our students and making them stand out and easily acceptable to any field they might venture in.

Best Practices for Student's Wellness

Events held and organized by various Clubs and Societies of the institute aims at the all round development of the students so that apart from academics, they have a whole lot of extra-curricular activities to boast about. The participants get an opportunity to just go out and showcase their talents, shed their inhibitions and embrace healthy competition against some of the best in the fields. Also the organizing team learns enormous amount of new things while organizing these events.

The institute plays host to thousands of students from the institute as well as from colleges all over India during its Annual Techno-Management fest-Ojass, cultural fest-Utkarsh and Annual Athletic Sports Meet. While other clubs and societies are busy round the year. These events cover various fields - soft skills, literary and debating, cultural, art, technical and entrepreneurial skills.

Best Practices

Scholarships/Financial Aid

If you dream of studying at NIT Jamshedpur but financial constraints are coming into your way. Don’t despair or worry! Here at NIT Jamshedpur, you can apply to the various scholarships provided by the institute as well as governments of different states and corporate houses and make your dream come true. The institute also provides financial assistance and SC/ST candidates have been relieved of their tuition fees.

Also once you become an NITian there is “Earn N Learn” scheme to take care of your pocket money along with the bonus of social service.

A Success Story::CampusHash-Startup Company

The origin of Campus Hash

Sanket Saurav and Rohit Tirkey two bright students of NIT Jamshedpur started CampusHash on December 19, 2012. Sanket had an interesting incident to share with starting up “We had a workshop by a tech group in our college, on web development. We saw the curriculum and the way those guys did the workshop. We were frustrated by the things, and more by what they taught.” Having been developers themselves they didn’t approve of this and reverted back that if the students start off their careers in Web without knowing the basics or any nitty-gritty of a web-app, they would never understand how the Internet works. Post this incident they conducted a survey and found out that around 80% of the student who attended such workshops did not pursued whatever was taught. The results were surprising for them and hence they decided to change it by organizing workshops in a correct manner. “We have been students ourselves, and we know how we would have liked a workshop to be. We are trying to do the same in each CampusHash workshop”-this is what they aimed. Two enthusiastic entrepreneurs and joint love for computers and Python! Sanket happens to be the speaker at every CampusHash workshop and Rohit manages activities such as Creating contents, strategies, marketing etc. Both of them share deep interest in computers and had adopted the same pretty early in their life. Although they have had experiences with other programming languages but it was in NIT that they interacted with python. And then there was no looking back from there onwards. Sanket and Rohit had been friends since first year of their B. Tech. and also possessed a band which had Sanket as guitarist and Rohit as a drummer. Sanket also happened to be one of the speakers at Pycon in 2013.

CampusHash provides workshops on quality web design and development using technologies like Google App Engine, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Python. CampusHash aims to make a difference by improving the state of the workshops being organized for the students. Being a campus born company they received mixed responses from their fellow students and they also had received an office in the institute building by their department (Computer Science and Engineering), which was encouraging. Team CampusHash has now expanded and they have Anand Raman (a senior developer at Microsoft, US) as their mentor since 2013. They have organized various successful workshops in different colleges across the country. They believe that they can make a small difference to the students’ view of the internet through their workshops, how it works and how it should be working in hope of a cleaner, better, and more open Internet. Sanket and Rohit have shifted to Bangalore this year to take up CampusHash full time after completing their graduation.

33C, G R Sun Villas, Old Madras Road, Budigere
Bangalore, India 560045

Official Site: www.campushash.com

Skill Development

Team Daksha

The team was founded in 2009 by a group of 1st and 2nd years with the objective to design and fabricate a rugged, single seated vehicle with off road capabilities. The team is under the able guidance of Dr. Sanjay.

Team Daksh participates in the event BAJA organized by SAE INDIA and SAE INTERNATIONAL. In this event they design, modify and fabricate a prototype of a rugged, single seated All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with serious off-roading capabilities. The vehicle must be safe, easily transportable and fun to drive. SAE sets restriction on the engine, dimensions and other components being used in the vehicle so that the knowledge, creativity and imagination of the students is challenged. Right from designing and analysis of the 3D model to complete fabrication is done in the workshop of the institute only by the B.Tech students.

They have participated twice in the Indian event winning the Best Engineering Design award and the Go Green award for least emissions in the year 2010 and 2011 respectively. Their ATV finished 3rd in the endurance race in 2011. Team Daksh was the only team from India to qualify for dynamic event in BAJA SAE SOUTH AFRICA in 2010 and was awarded as the Safest Vehicle. Dr. Ratan Tata met and congratulated the team for their incredible innovative design and achievement in Jamshedpur.

The team is being guided by their faculty advisor Dr. Sanjay and being lead by the team captain Shashank Mishra. The other members of the team are Pramanik, Surya Prakash, Ritesh Joshi, NK Sharma, Shubham Kumar, Mayank Roy, Kartik Kumar, Kishan Kumar, Md sarfarz, Shubham Sagar Chouhan, Ravi Shankar, Harshit Barnwal, Ankur Srivastava, Sunny Sankit, Aman Jain , Pooja Priyadarshini, Priya Kumari and Ashish.

Team Phoenix

Pioneers of aero-designing in NIT, Team phoenix is a group of engineering connoisseurs committed to perform high-end aircraft designing and engineering. This team founded by a model-aircraft enthusiast Pratibha Tripathi, along with its committed team members Indushekhar Prasad Singh, Hitesh Singh, Shalini das, Abhinav Singhavi, Alka sethi and Varija raj under the skilful guidance of Dr. M.K. Sinha. From the very beginning this team has been active in various national, international events and has achieved new heights in aviation field. Some of the team achievements are as follows:

Participated in two categories of SAE Aero design 2013 competition organized by SAE and Lockheed Martin, in California, USA, and stood 18th in whole world as well as 1st among all Indian teams in regular category.

Also their both aircrafts were given NASA system engineering certificate as they fulfilled all the technical requirements of NASA.

Theirs was the only Indian team to qualify among top 68 world teams to combat in world's most prestigious student Design/Build/Fly competition organized by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in collaboration with Cessna aircraft company/Raytheon Missile Systems held at Wichita, KS, USA in the year 2012.

They also believe in incorporating new ideas and Innovations in their RC models. Some of those significant efforts are listed below:

Passenger RC aircraft made from Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).

Soldier portable UAV (Unmanned Aero Vehicle) made from balsa wood.

Working on designs of an efficient model of aircrafts capable of accurately dropping a thirty three pound (33lb) humanitarian aid package from a minimum of hundred feet off the ground and another system containing a portable UAV and launching system within specified packaging requirements.

Also they are making effort to incorporate Aerial image processing in UAV, which can be a major breakthrough in innovation of RC aircrafts. These aircrafts can prove really handy stuff for surveillance purpose ranging from traffic management to rescue operations in disasters, terrorist attacks etc.


Current members of the team are Tarun Kedia, Ashish Ranjan, Adarsh Giri, Sumit Ranjan, Kumar Harsh Vardhan, Abhijeet Kumar, Vishal Kumar Roy, Shubham Upadhyay, Nikhil Mishra, Pinaki Shaw, Pooja Jaiswal, Ankita Singh and Divya.

Team Revanta

TEAM REVANTA was born in the year 2009. In order to cope with the challenges of rising fossil fuel demands and diminishing resources, the team started working towards building a Super- Mileage car under the guidance of Dr. K.D.P Singh, Asst. Prof. Mechanical Engineering Department.

The first milestone in this direction was the team’s participation in SAE- SUPER MILEAGE-2011 held in Michigan, USA. This was a static event in which the team presented its design report which was greatly appreciated by the panel of International experts. Taking another step forward in this direction, the team participated in SHELL ECO-MARATHON ASIA-2011 held at Sepang International Circuit, Kualalumpur, Malaysia. In this event the team showcased its gasoline-driven three- wheeler prototype car. The team cleared all the stringent safety and technical inspections of the competition and was the only Indian team to have done so. Adding yet another feather to its hat, the team successfully manufactured an Urban Concept Gasoline vehicle with which it participated in SHELL ECO-MARATHON ASIA-2012held at Sepang International Circuit, Kualalumpur, Malaysia. The team cleared the safety and technical tests and was given a chance to complete its track run. After having done much in the field of gasoline vehicles, the team shifted its focus towards Renewable sources of energy and decided to venture in the field of Electric-Solar hybrid vehicles. Under this category the team participated recently in the ELECTRIC SOLAR VEHICLE CHAMPONSHIP held at LPU and secured the overall 4th rank (1st in North zone) in the virtual of this event.

Team Drift

Founded in the year 2009 by a group of automobile enthusiasts they took on the challenge to design, manufacture and run a Formula SAE project car. This team has not only won events in India but has also participated in various international events, bringing laurels to the college as well as country.

Achievements are:

Team Drift, representing N.I.T. Jamshedpur, India, successfully participated in the FORMULA STUDENT UK-2011 held at Silverstone Racing Circuit with their 2nd Car DR211 and secured 5th position amongst 133 teams from all over the world for the Prestigious Airbus Team Work Award.

Earlier successfully participated in the static event of FORMULA SAE AUSTRALASIA-2010, held in December, 2010 at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. The team finished first in the cost event of FSAE Australasia and the car design was designated as the “MOST ECONOMICAL CAR DESIGN”.

Supra SAE India in 2009 was their first event, held at Anna University, Chennai. The car built by the team, DR110, was rated 1st in car evaluation and the team became the 2nd runners up overall.

The team went to Japan for FORMULA SAE in 2012 to prove its potential worldwide which was held from 3 to 7 September 2012 at EUCOPA sports park, Tokyo.

Team Top Guns

They are the aero-design team of National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. They design and build radio-controlled aircraft, and participate in the SAE Aero Design competition, organized by Lockheed Martin and NASA every year in the United States. Team Top Guns was born in 2009. So far, they have built 7 aircraft. Prof. Ram Vinoy Sharma of Department of Mechanical Engineering is their faculty advisor.


Team Top Guns participated in the SAE Aero Design competition organized by Lockheed Martin and NASA in the United States in the year 2011 in the micro category and won the prestigious NASA Systems Engineering Award defeating teams from all over the world.

Two members of the team –Priyanka Barua and Nivedita Prasad were offered training and job by Lockheed Martin.

Team Top Guns participated in the SAE Aero Design competition organized by Lockheed Martin and NASA in the United States this year in March in advanced category and stood 10th among 75 teams all over the world and 2nd among the Indian teams. They cleared all the technical requirements.

Official Site: www.topguns.co.in

Shining Spots

Prashant Sharma

He completed his under graduation from NIT in 2012 with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. It all began when he along with his friends started the first ever super mileage team “Revanta Super mileage” while in second year. Here he had the opportunities to learn and grow as a person. In his final year, while working on some venture he came to know of every platform and organizations in India that support and nurture entrepreneurship. He came to Bangalore after completing graduation to join Mu-Sigma and on the very next day he became a volunteer at India’s biggest platform for grass root level entrepreneurs “Headstart Network Foundation” Bangalore chapter. Prashant was a regular volunteer at Headstart Bangalore till November 2012, and in December’12, he got selected to go for Jagriti Yatra. He shot one mail to one of the most well known entrepreneur in India Pallav Nadhani (Founder, Fusion Charts) and got sponsored for the other half of Yatra which Jagriti didn’t cover. This led him to believe that good things will happen to you, if you are selfless and do things without expectations. Prashant continued his Volunteering and in the beginning of 2013, he became the City lead for Bangalore. By the end of year 2013, he had directly or indirectly impacted more than 2000 aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.

In August 2013, Prashant got selected as a delegate in the “Entrepreneurship” panel for Harvard University’s biggest conference in Dubai “HPAIR, Dubai”. He got sponsored by some of the most well known names in the community that included Mr Alok Kejriwal (Founder,Games2Win), Rohit Singal (Founder, Sourcebits) and a couple of more people. In the next couple of months he got selected as a delegate in the “Entrepreneurship” panel for Harvard University’s main conference at Harvard University. In the very next month he got selected as a fellow at “Young India Fellowship” (One of India’s most respected fellowships) 2014-2015 with a significant scholarship. And in the same month he got selected as one of the 40 fellows from across the world selected for Tim Draper’s “Draper University” at Silicon Valley with a scholarship of 3500 USD.

Prashant believes that volunteering and doing well, selflessly might be one of the best thing you can do in life. He still needed 6500 USD to make his dream come true. This is where people in the Start-up circuit, from CEO’s of some of the most well known organizations to people whom he had impacted came along to support and made it happen. So much so that while he was at Valley, Prashant managed to raise another 1000 USD from a well known investor there. Prashant says-“good things come to you if you believe. For every project that I have done till now, I have always had the support and blessing of people who believe in my dreams and are ready to stretch themselves to make it happen for me. All this happened because for almost 2 years I only knew one thing that I had to learn from people and experience as much as I can and contribute with all heart to the ecosystem. Everything that happened in between happened not because I was running after it, but because it came to me though Karma. From building a solid network with the who’s who in the Indian Business environment to getting selected for some of the most reputed programs across the world, everything happened because I always put forward the case of my experience with Volunteering and being a lead at India’s biggest platform for grass root level entrepreneurs. To Conclude I would say, it requires immense courage and belief in oneself to follow your heart, more often than not you will feel like going back to living a normal and secure life, but always remember “Greater the Risks you take, greater will the Reward be in Life”.”

Lokesh Khandelwal

Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
Batch: 2010
Companies: Works Application Japan, Amazon, Bangalore Samsung

Lokesh has had the experience to taste almost all different kinds of interviews; be it a code intensive off -campus of Works Applications, Skype interview of start-ups like OptumSoft, regular hirers like Samsung or a hardcore dream company like Amazon; And it was quiet an endeavor to be a part of all, as it proved to be very lucrative and diverse. He was already involved in an off -campus placement process of Works Applications, Tokyo in his fifth semester. It had three online rounds on various topics of computer science like data structures, algorithms, networking and database management. The top sixty students in the country were called for the national finals in Delhi which had a thirty hour long coding intensive contest on Artificial Intelligence, and Lokesh got the fourth position and was selected for internships. It was a tremendous opportunity and he accepted at the drop of a hat. After that Lokesh was also selected by Samsung. But to call a spade a spade, for him, the most awaited company was Amazon. It was a dream slot company. It started off again with the Pre Placement Talk where the company introduced itself and gave the compensation details. PPT was followed by an online written examination which had twenty multiple choice technical questions and two programming question. The written examination was followed by four back to back one on one interviews. Lokesh shared his experience –“The interviewers were all good and made me comfortable in asking questions about my internship experience; projects etc. and then went on with some technical questions. The questions were all from Data Structures and Algorithms and I had to code them with the minimum complexities, both in time and space, to get it correct. Roughly three to four questions were asked in each of the rounds and each round lasted about an hour or so. They announced the results by giving a T-Shirt with quotes “Hired by Amazon” and I was lucky enough to cut the mustard. So overall, it was a wonderful experience for me, something that I would remenish and cherish throughout my life. I am thankful to all who have been a part of my journey in achieving my dream job, more so my parents who have always been very benevolent and altruistic, my teachers for their continuous guidance and my friends for being close to me and supporting me at all moments of ups and downs throughout the placement process.”22

Shreya Santra

Shreya pursued her B.Tech (Hons.) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NIT Jamshedpur during 2010-14. She has got admission at the International Space University, France for her masters. Space Science and Technology has always enchanted her since childhood and she forever dreamt to reach for the stars and explore the unknown.

In the end of her 3rd year Shreya did her internship at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bangalore. It is one of the premiere institutes of space research in India. It was here that Shreya was motivated to follow her dreams to become a space scientist. She collected information regarding space studies around the globe and chose to apply for the International Space University (ISU). She appeared for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) which are required for admission in most foreign universities, and scored exceptionally well. Shreya’s academic record is quite decent and she is very passionate about space studies thus she applied for Masters of Space Studies in December 2013 and got the offer letter in March 2014. She has also received 85% scholarship/waiver on her tuition fees.

Shreya says- “My decision to opt out from the college placements to pursue higher studies have been quite tough and daring. But my parents have continually stood by me through all my decisions and believed in my dreams. Dr.S.B.L Seksena and Dr.R.N Mahanty, professors of EEE dept, NIT Jamshedpur and Dr. K.P. Raju, Associate Professor, IIA supported and inspired me throughout the entire process. My friends have always encouraged me to listen to my heart. ISU is the 3rd best Space Research university in the world and getting an opportunity to study there is like a dream come true. ISU is sponsored and supported by NASA, ESA, JAXA and many other space organizations of various developed countries.”

Why Choose NIT Jamshedpur