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NIT Jamshedpur - Cradle of technical excellence
Success Stories


  • DeepSource is founded by Sanket Saurav, a CSE graduate who graduated in 2014. Sanket had been involved in activities around building developer communities since his third year in college, when he helped start PizzaHackers, the innovation club. He started his first startup, CampusHash, while still in 3rd year of college which set him up for building technology-enabled companies. Primarily a Python developer, Sanket has a keen eye for design as well.

  • DeepSource is a Continuous Quality platform that enables developers and software engineering teams build better software which is reliable, secure and with fewer defects, faster. The product is used by thousands of developers, open-source projects and companies around the world. The company is head-quartered in San Francisco, CA, with development centre in Bangalore.

The Origin of CampusHash:

  • Sanket Saurav and Rohit Tirkey two bright students of NIT Jamshedpur started CampusHash on December 19, 2012. Sanket had an interesting incident to share with starting up .We had a workshop by a tech group in our college, on web development. We saw the curriculum and the way those guys did the workshop. We were frustrated by the things, and more by what they taught. Having been developers themselves they did not approve of this and reverted back that if the students start off their careers in Web without knowing the basics or any nitty-gritty of a web-app, they would never understand how the Internet works. Post this incident they conducted a survey and found out that around 80% of the student who attended such workshops did not pursued whatever was taught. The results were surprising for them and hence they decided to change it by organizing workshops in a correct manner. We have been students ourselves, and we know how we would have liked a workshop to be. We are trying to do the same in each CampusHash workshop-this is what they aimed. Two enthusiastic entrepreneurs and joint love for computers and Python! Sanket happens to be the speaker at every CampusHash workshop and Rohit manages activities such as Creating contents, strategies, marketing etc. Both of them share deep interest in computers and had adopted the same pretty early in their life. Although they have had experiences with other programming languages but it was in NIT that they interacted with python. And then there was no looking back from there onwards. Sanket and Rohit had been friends since first year of their B. Tech. and also possessed a band which had Sanket as guitarist and Rohit as a drummer. Sanket also happened to be one of the speakers at Pycon in 2013.

  • CampusHash provides workshops on quality web design and development using technologies like Google App Engine, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Python. CampusHash aims to make a difference by improving the state of the workshops being organized for the students. Being a campus born company they received mixed responses from their fellow students and they also had received an office in the institute building by their department (Computer Science and Engineering), which was encouraging. Team CampusHash has now expanded and they have Anand Raman (a senior developer at Microsoft, US) as their mentor since 2013. They have organized various successful workshops in different colleges across the country. They believe that they can make a small difference to the students view of the internet through their workshops, how it works and how it should be working in hope of a cleaner, better, and more open Internet. Sanket and Rohit have shifted to Bangalore this year to take up CampusHash full time after completing their graduation.

  • CampusHash
    33C, G R Sun Villas, Old Madras Road, Budigere
    Bangalore, India 560045


  • Pioneers of aero-designing in NIT, Team phoenix is a group of engineering connoisseurs committed to perform high-end aircraft designing and engineering. This team founded by a model-aircraft enthusiast Pratibha Tripathi, along with its committed team members Indushekhar Prasad Singh, Hitesh Singh, Shalini das, Abhinav Singhavi, Alka sethi and Varija raj under the skilful guidance of Dr. M.K. Sinha. From the very beginning this team has been active in various national, international events and has achieved new heights in aviation field. Some of the team achievements are as follows:
  • Participated in two categories of SAE Aero design 2013 competition organized by SAE and Lockheed Martin, in California, USA, and stood 18th in whole world as well as 1st among all Indian teams in regular category.

  • Also their both aircrafts were given NASA system engineering certificate as they fulfilled all the technical requirements of NASA.

  • Theirs was the only Indian team to qualify among top 68 world teams to combat in world-s most prestigious student Design/Build/Fly competition organized by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in collaboration with Cessna aircraft company/Raytheon Missile Systems held at Wichita, KS, USA in the year 2012.

  • They also believe in incorporating new ideas and Innovations in their RC models. Some of those significant efforts are listed below:
  • Passenger RC aircraft made from Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).

  • Soldier portable UAV (Unmanned Aero Vehicle) made from balsa wood.

  • Working on designs of an efficient model of aircrafts capable of accurately dropping a thirty three pound (33lb) humanitarian aid package from a minimum of hundred feet off the ground and another system containing a portable UAV and launching system within specified packaging requirements.

  • Also they are making effort to incorporate Aerial image processing in UAV, which can be a major breakthrough in innovation of RC aircrafts. These aircrafts can prove really handy stuff for surveillance purpose ranging from traffic management to rescue operations in disasters, terrorist attacks etc. Current members of the team are Tarun Kedia, Ashish Ranjan, Adarsh Giri, Sumit Ranjan, Kumar Harsh Vardhan, Abhijeet Kumar, Vishal Kumar Roy, Shubham
    Upadhyay, Nikhil Mishra, Pinaki Shaw, Pooja Jaiswal, Ankita Singh Chouhan and Divya.


    • TEAM REVANTA was born in the year 2009. In order to cope with the challenges of rising fossil fuel demands and diminishing resources, the team started working towards building a Super- Mileage car under the guidance of Dr. K.D.P Singh, Asst. Prof. Mechanical Engineering Department.

    • The first milestone in this direction was the team-s participation in SAE- SUPER MILEAGE-2011 held in Michigan, USA. This was a static event in which the team presented its design report which was greatly appreciated by the panel of International experts. Taking another step forward in this direction, the team participated in SHELL ECO-MARATHON ASIA-2011 held at Sepang International Circuit, Kualalumpur, Malaysia. In this event the team showcased its gasoline-driven three- wheeler prototype car. The team cleared all the stringent safety and technical inspections of the competition and was the only Indian team to have done so. Adding yet another feather to its hat, the team successfully manufactured an Urban Concept Gasoline vehicle with which it participated in SHELL ECO-MARATHON ASIA-2012held at Sepang International Circuit, Kualalumpur, Malaysia. The team cleared the safety and technical tests and was given a chance to complete its track run. After having done much in the field of gasoline vehicles, the team shifted its focus towards Renewable sources of energy and decided to venture in the field of Electric-Solar hybrid vehicles. Under this category the team participated recently in the ELECTRIC SOLAR VEHICLE CHAMPONSHIP held at LPU and secured the overall 4th rank (1st in North zone) in the virtual of this event.


    • The team was founded in 2009 by a group of 1st and 2nd years with the objective to design and fabricate a rugged, single seated vehicle with off road capabilities. The team is under the able guidance of Dr. Sanjay.
    • Team Daksh participates in the event BAJA organized by SAE INDIA and SAE INTERNATIONAL. In this event they design, modify and fabricate a prototype of a rugged, single seated All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with serious off-roading capabilities. The vehicle must be safe, easily transportable and fun to drive. SAE sets restriction on the engine, dimensions and other components being used in the vehicle so that the knowledge, creativity and imagination of the students is challenged. Right from designing and analysis of the 3D model to complete fabrication is done in the workshop of the institute only by the B.Tech students.
    • They have participated twice in the Indian event winning the Best Engineering Design award and the Go Green award for least emissions in the year 2010 and 2011 respectively. Their ATV finished 3rd in the endurance race in 2011. Team Daksh was the only team from India to qualify for dynamic event in BAJA SAE SOUTH AFRICA in 2010 and was awarded as the Safest Vehicle. Dr. Ratan Tata met and congratulated the team for their incredible innovative design and achievement in Jamshedpur.
    • The team is being guided by their faculty advisor Dr. Sanjay and being lead by the team captain Shashank Mishra. The other members of the team are Pramanik, Surya Prakash, Ritesh Joshi, NK Sharma, Shubham Kumar, Mayank Roy, Kartik Kumar, Kishan Kumar, Md sarfarz, Shubham Sagar Chouhan, Ravi Shankar, Harshit Barnwal, Ankur Srivastava, Sunny Sankit, Aman Jain , Pooja Priyadarshini, Priya Kumari and Ashish.

    Team Drift:

    • Founded in the year 2009 by a group of automobile enthusiasts they took on the challenge to design, manufacture and run a Formula SAE project car. This team has not only won events in India but has also participated in various international events, bringing laurels to the college as well as country.
    • The achievements are:
    • Team Drift, representing N.I.T. Jamshedpur, India, successfully participated in the FORMULA STUDENT UK-2011 held at Silverstone Racing Circuit with their 2nd Car DR211 and secured 5th position amongst 133 teams from all over the world for the Prestigious Airbus Team Work Award.

    • Earlier successfully participated in the static event of FORMULA SAE AUSTRALASIA-2010, held in December, 2010 at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. The team finished first in the cost event of FSAE Australasia and the car design was designated as the MOST ECONOMICAL CAR DESIGN.

    • Supra SAE India in 2009 was their first event, held at Anna University, Chennai. The car built by the team, DR110, was rated 1st in car evaluation and the team became the 2nd runners up overall.

    • The team went to Japan for FORMULA SAE in 2012 to prove its potential worldwide which was held from 3 to 7 September 2012 at EUCOPA sports park,Tokyo.

    Team Top Guns :

    • They are the aero-design team of National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. They design and build radio-controlled aircraft, and participate in the SAE Aero Design competition, organized by Lockheed Martin and NASA every year in the United States. Team Top Guns was born in 2009. So far, they have built 7 aircraft. Prof. Ram Vinoy Sharma of Department of Mechanical Engineering is their faculty advisor.
    • Achievements:
    • Team Top Guns participated in the SAE Aero Design competition organized by Lockheed Martin and NASA in the United States in the year 2011 in the micro category and won the prestigious NASA Systems Engineering Award defeating teams from all over the world.
    • Two members of the team - Priyanka Barua and Nivedita Prasad were offered training and job by Lockheed Martin.
    • Team Top Guns participated in the SAE Aero Design competition organized by Lockheed Martin and NASA in the United States this year in March in advanced category and stood 10th among 75 teams all over the world and 2nd among the Indian teams. They cleared all the technical requirements.

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